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I really should post once in a while just to prove I'm still alive, huh?

I have a confession to make. The more I think about the Avengers movie? The less I actually like it. I know! It kinda shocks me too. Or it would have if... I hadn't already decided that I'll never like Captain America much. (You say 'virtuous', I say he's pompous and judgmental. Either way, he's boring. Blah!)

Despite Joss Whedon's usual awesomeness and some admittedly truly great scenes and character development (Ruffalo's Bruce/Hulk has won me as a fan for life, yo! Also, we can haz Clint & Natasha's Budapest backstory movie next, please?) there were nonetheless elements of the Avengers that just didn't sit well with me. Like what they did to Coulson, for example. And no, I'm NOT talking about that thing Joss is famous for doing to all the most beloved minor characters in his projects. That I was rather expecting at some point, so it wasn't much of a surprise to me anymore -- let's just say that after making me cry on Buffy and gasp in horror in Serenity, I'm kind of inured to his favorite trick. No, I mean what they turned Coulson into before the thing that I won't talk about because I'm CLE-VER happened. Yeah, that I really didn't like.

However, the biggest problem I had with the movie was with the plot... or what of it there was. Seriously, what exactly was Loki up to? Because there's no way it was the obvious, Loki is the bloody God of Lies and Mischief. He's devious and tricksy by nature. There had to be something else going on, we all know it. The number of theories out there trying to explain and/or justify Loki's actions are sure signs that I'm not alone in that. Hopefully the next movie will bring everything to light. Because I was really expecting something much more than what they gave us, which was just an excuse for Fury to manipulate everyone into doing his bidding. When Nick Fury is the evil mastermind of your movie? Okay, nevermind, that's actually pretty in character in for him. Anyway! Point stands.

Avengers aside, that's not what I'm breaking the last six months of hermitdom to confess! No, no, it's far worse than that. Really, I'm practically ashamed of myself about this, but here goes:

I have become addicted to the MTV remake of Teen Wolf.

Whew! glad I got that off my chest. What? You don't know what I'm talking about? Don't worry, that's probably a good thing. It's, er, really godawful! Shitty acting, crappy plots, trying to take itself seriously when it's just plain ridiculous... it's a horrible show. How I ever got sucked into it I just don't know.

Okay, I'm lying! I know exactly how. It's the fandom's fault! They're actually really great, mostly because they don't really bother with the canon anymore than I do. It's all fanon, and

See, the show itself is supposed to be about this high school kid named Scott who becomes a werewolf and then has to cope, right? Sure, fine, it's a classic trope. But the show fails spectacularly because Scott is an idiot not worth watching. Unexpectedly though, the show managed to accidentally succeed with the quirky best friend, Stiles. Because the fandom? They love Stiles. Stiles is hilarious, and smart, and adorable, and just all things wonderful. Combine that with the gorgeous, brooding, lacking-social-skills older male -- think a lycanthropic version of Angel from Buffy, that it's pretty much -- reluctant alpha who has to help guide the kids, aka Derek? Perfect kinky slash comedy gold!

Over the last several weeks months while my flist and networks have been exploding with Avengers-love, I have been secretly reading and hoarding a huge collection of Teen Wolf fanfics. Too embarrassed to publicly admit my newest addiction's shame. ::hangs head::

But no more! I have gathered my courage, since season two is about to start and the fandom will shortly explode with new offerings. I hereby freely admit I am a Teen Wolf fan of the Derek/Stiles slasher variety! I will be linking all fics I've been hiding on my Pinboard for anyone who's interested to give reading a try. No canon knowledge required! (Seriously, save yourself the shame and just avoid the show!) Remember, for this fandom, the fanon is all you need!

Geeze, two LJ cuts in one post? This is what happens when I don't post for six months. I get long-winded. Sorry, too many thoughts in my head! They have to come oooouuuut! ::flails wildly:: Save meeeeeeee!

TEAL DEER recap for those who didn't care (which I expect is everybody, ha! :P): The Avengers movie didn't wow me, but Teen Wolf fandom is embarrassingly addictive. Now I'm gonna go rec some kinky, hilarious Derek/Stiles slash on my Pinboard!
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