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Harry Dresden: My kind of ghost.. er, guy. *eg*

So I finally got to read Ghost Story, the latest book of the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. Yes, I know, I work in a library, why the hold up? Uh, because I work here? Duh! Staff don't actually get half the privileges you folks do, you know. We have to wait our bloody turn. Except we don't pay late fines, which is kind of a great trade-off as these things go. So, anyway, late though it may be, the book was definitely worth the wait. Yay! \o/

Pretty freakin' good, and despite the subject matter, actually a lot less dark and angsty than some of the other novels, including Changes for that matter. It was nice to go back to something fun(nier), action and suspense and magical theory all tinged with the strong hilarious current of Harry's off-beat snarky sense of humour. This is a book that harkens back to the great moments of Harry's past exploits, like the beautiful image of Dead Beat's Zombie-Sue rampaging through the streets of Chicago with Harry and a coroner named Waldo Butters (wearing a polka suit, natch!) riding her zombified 65 million year old Tyrannosaurus Rex ass. ;P No less weighted with meaning and fraught with potential consequences, but able to have a little fun doing what needs to be done. Okay, sure, it had a bit of a weak ending, granted, but overall a very satisfying read. Good job, Mr. Butcher! Thank you, sir, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Also, there were some kickass lines that I totally plan on stealing at some point -- "My gast was pretty well flabbered!" -- just for the sheer awesomesauceness (shut up, it is too a word, you stupid spell-check! because I said so!) of it, so thanks for that too! And the WarGames reference in Chapter Seven, which actually made me whoop with glee. Dude, Harry is not just his much celebrated geek-self, he's also such an amazing dork! LOL, I love it! XD

Also, also: "You are a soul. You have a body." <-- Deep, man, deep. Great philosophy. Imma steal that too, methinks. Me mum the priest will get a kick out of it. *eg*

Oh hey, I just noticed that the Dancing Stickman icon doesn't work so well with Queen music as the background soundtrack, pooh. The beat's too slow. Hmm, maybe...? No, that's too fast. Oh geez, this is harder than I thought. I know I've got songs the same tempo as that icon, I've seen it before but here I am cycling through my entire collection and everything's just off enough to be... Oh wait, you've gotta kidding me?! Candyman by Christina Aguilera is in time? That can't be the only thing that works! Okay, there, Lady Gaga works too, that's a bit better. What else have I got? Mmm, Late Nights and Street Fights by Dirty Vegas is pretty sweet, and Boney M's Ra Ra Rasputin is just so fun it makes me giggle. Oooh, ha! Fall Out Boy really rocks it! Heh.

And so does Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. Perfect! Okay, we'll stick with that for a bit.

Tags: dresdenfiles, icon, meta, music, sqeee!

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