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The Pavlov Experiment: Stalking

As part of mine and leni_ba's attempts to coerce redwolf into writing a full-length story for her Spike & Dawn drabble, here's a nice juicy slab of meat for my pet Wolf to sink her teeth into.

Here, doggie, doggie, doggie!


The Pavlov Experiment: Stalking -- A Spike & Dawn snippet
by Moonbeam

They stuck to the shadows, sneaking in as silently as they could. Which, really, was no easy task. For despite all his natural skills and decades of experience at stalking through darkness, it was just awfully hard to skulk with an over-excited teenager at his back.

"Will you be quiet, pet?" he hissed, his voice almost inaudible compared to her barely stifled giggles.

"Sorry, sorry," she stage-whispered back, and Spike rolled his eyes as her voice carried on the wind.

"Just try to keep it down, eh, luv? We've got to get this done tonight, and I'd rather not run into Big Sis while we're at it."

He felt Dawn nod against his back, and her grip on his t-shirt tightened. Taking that as his cue to start moving again, he rose from his crouch and stepped further into the concealing shrubbery. Dawn followed complacently in his steps, blindly trusting the vampire to lead her safely through the darkness. For the next few minutes, nothing but a few rustling leaves marked their passage as the unlikely pair stealthily approached their target.

Spike finally drew them to halt when they were within range. The target sat calmly on a bench less than ten feet away from them, completely unaware of the predators sneaking up behind him. The vampire quickly cast his senses out, searching for any threat that may lead to them aborting their plan. He found nothing, and signalled his assurance to his partner in crime with a wicked grin.

The girl, all assumptions to the contrary, could pull off a pretty evil look of her own. Matching his expression, she reached into the bag over her shoulder and pulled out the props for tonight's little jaunt. Spike's grin widened when he fingered his weapon of choice.

With a shared smirk and silent accord, both hidden figures carefully positioned themselves, sighted down the barrels of their guns, and pulled the triggers. Two powerful streams of blood red fluid blasted out of the Super-Soakers(tm), drenching the target in seconds.

"Aaaahhh!" Xander shot to his feet, screaming like a girl. Soaking wet and dripping sticky red droplets, he frantically shook himself like a dog while yelling bloody murder.

Running away as fast as their stumbling legs could carry them, heedless of staying silent with the racket behind them, the perpetrators were laughing uproariously and leaning on each other to keep their balance.

Spike wrapped an arm around his cohort's waist, squeezing for a quick congratulatory hug. "Nice touch with the red, Niblet. Food colouring?"

Dawn blinked widely innocent eyes at him. "Raspberry Kool-Aid," she corrected, and giggled madly.


How's that for incentive? *eg*
Tags: buffy, fanfic, gen, gift

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