Moonbeam's Predilections (moonbeamsfanfic) wrote,
Moonbeam's Predilections

God damned Yahoo!

Attention all fandoms, prepare to get f*cked! :(

You've all probably seen the news by now, but if not, word is that a certain company with terrible business sense is planning on killing Delicious (and possibly also Flickr). They've apparently already fired the staff, so it's pretty much just a matter of time until the axe falls. Now everyone's scrambling to export their bookmarks and find somewhere else to put them.

Except that there really isn't anywhere else quite like used to be, is there?

(Note the use of the dots? Yeah, that was deliberate. I miss those good old geek days before the Evil Bastards bought them and messed everything up in an attempt to 'improve' them. ::sigh::)

Man, I never really liked Yahoo! as a company anyway. The constantly changing email design was hugely annoying, so much so I even started refusing to teach Yahoo!Mail even though it was an official course at my work. (I'd do Hotmail or GMail instead, even when it wasn't technically 'allowed'. Shhh, it's a secret!) But Yahoo? They've always had a history of ruining a good thing, but this? This is the last straw for me.

This closure is going to have a huge impact on a lot of fandoms. Remember when Geocities closed out? Yeah, some fandoms never recovered from the blow. This, I think, will be worse. At the very least, there goes the best rec lists ever created... and the number one source of seeking out the lastest and greatest fics as and wherever they're written. Back to scouring the archives and thousands of communities, spending more time searching for fic than actually reading any. Joy.

So, what now? Diigo or Pinboard? Dunno, both are so overloaded with panicking ex-Delicious users right now that I think I'll just have to wait out the shitstorm for while to see which'll be the best alternative to go for. Or maybe something else'll pop up that will be even better. Here's hoping! ::crosses fingers::

In the meantime, if anyone wants to browse nearly 1800 guaranteed well-written stories in over 90 fandoms get it now!

It may not be there tomorrow...

ETA: Britta, a former team member, has proposed building a new fan-friendly social bookmarking services to work cooperatively with Dreamwidth and AO3. If it comes to be, it'll definitely be the best alternative ever!

ETA the Second: Oh, wait! Yahoo! now says may not be closing afterall, they are looking into other companies to give/sell it to. Hmmm.... honestly, until they officially announce some other company is taking over, I won't be uncrossing my fingers. Also, I'm still really wanting Britta's FanMarks idea to come to pass either way! :D
Tags: fail flail, fandom, meta

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