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Funny thing happened at work today...

I was talking with a coworker from another location, someone I've only seen in passing before so don't know too well. But it was tres quiet today, so we got to chatting. Started out talking 'bout Photoshop, whereupon I mentioned my wonderful DECADES of mastering MS Paint for all my icon needs. And I specifically mentioned the masterpiece which took the most work, the Plotbunny icon:

Case in point, yo!

The Plot Bunny Factory

She immediately responded with, "So, are you a fanfiction author?"

Dude, LOL! She recognised the "plotbunny" term right away. I have NEVER met anyone in real life who knows about fandom before. It was cool. Weird, but definitely cool!

Anyway, I don't think we share any fandoms ourselves, but I did give her my internet pseudonym so she's welcome to check out my stuff. She might even wander over this way sometime. And if she does...

WELCOME TO MY LJ, Not-So-Stranger!

Hee! Once again, successfully proving the world really is a small place. :)
Tags: fandom, icon, real life, the intarwebs amaze me

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