Moonbeam's Predilections (moonbeamsfanfic) wrote,
Moonbeam's Predilections

Am sick. Fever makes me write?

I feel awful. Couldn't sleep last night due to a killer sore throat. Still got the sore throat today but have also added in sinus congestion, body aches, and a fever. Also, I'm bloody exhausted but can't seem to sleep any.

So of course I find myself writing frakken' porn!

And not even one of the porn fics I should be writing, like the next installment in the Ping-Pong !verse. But, oh yes, an entirely NEW fic thanks to -- once again -- that evil of evils tfanonkink, the Transformers Anonymous Kink Meme.

Why I keep reading that I have no idea. It's never a good host: all pushy and demanding. Don't you know I have the flu and feel like death warmed (way) over? Have a little mercy on a sick soul!

::blows nose::

Excuse me, I have to go back to writing my (God help me) Grimlock/Seekers fic response now. ::headdesks::

I will leave you with the line that instantly popped into my head when I read the request...

“Me Grimlock gonna teach you Seekers to be good.”

Yes, it really is as dirty as it sounds. *eg*
Tags: fanfic, plotbunny, transformers

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