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WIP Fic: Transformers Fandom (Prowl/Jazz) 2/7

Inspired by my reading and loving of Aeos on the non-sticky page of the tfanonkink meme, I just couldn't help myself. I had to try my own hand at the classic fandom trope of Seekers in heat and going through breeding cycles.

And then it didn't even turn out as cracky as I was expecting! The nerve! ;P

Title: Reasons Jazz Is A Lucky Mech, #248
Author: Moonbeam's Predilections
Fandom: Transformers G1
Genre: Humour, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,016 words this part, 1,868 words total (so far)

Part 1: In which Jazz learns what the Decepticons are getting up to when they're not causing trouble.


Reasons Jazz Is A Lucky Mech, #248: Part 2/7
by Moonbeam

“M’ sorry, mech,” Jazz stared dumbly once he was online again, “I think my logic algorithms are glitched. Ya can’t mean what I think ya mean?”

“Praxians are descended from a collective of grounded Seekers who left Vos and settled Praxus long before the Golden Age began. While we evolved out of many of our Seeker traits, such as the need or ability for flight and trine protocols, some of the most basic tenants of Seeker coding are ingrained in our sparks. Primary among those is the heat cycle and the drive to breed. Traditionally, full-coded Vosians will enter their heat period first and within just a few orns, the Praxians will follow.”

“If that’s the case, then why haven’t ya gone into heat before?” Jazz wondered, then suddenly retracted his habitual visor to lock optics with him as a thought occurred. “You haven’t, have ya, Prowl? You woulda told me if you were, right?”

“No, Jazz,” Prowl affirmed quickly, not liking that desperate look in his friend’s usually covered optics. “There hasn’t been a breeding cycle since the war started, and for quite a while before it began as well. The conditions have not been right for one for a long time. Bluestreak’s generation was the last one, and I was still a youngling myself when he was sparked.”

“So you ain’t never been in heat?”

“That’s correct. This will be my first experience. While I understand theoretically how it will proceed, I admit I am not certain I am fully prepared for the effects of the heat period.”

Jazz gave him a sympathetic smile and bumped their shoulders together companionably. “What kind of effects are ya expecting, if you don’t mind my nosin’?”

Prowl leaned imperceptibly closer to Jazz as he began to explain. “Have you ever wondered why Seekers are called Seekers?”

“Heard stories it was on account that they were the only space-flight capable mechs in the beginning and they were sent by Primus to find sources of energon.”

“Ah, no,” Prowl felt a smile quirk at his own lips. “They are called Seekers because they will expend a great deal of energy seeking out the perfect mate, one who will help them produce only the best possible sparkling. The heat cycle exists to both aide and expedite that process, as the need to breed will drive the Seekers to pick a mate as fast as possible in order to best conserve their own energy. A Seeker gripped within the heat cycle is unable to think of anything save for mating and will go to extremes to fulfill their code requirements.”

“It’s alright, Jazz,” he added, as the Ops mech’s un-visored optics clearly expressed his concern for his friend. There was a reason Jazz wore the visor after all, and it wasn’t about fashion. His optics could not hide any emotion he felt. “Praxians are not as affected by the heat period as our Vosian cousins. From what I recall of my own creators, we will still be driven to breed but will not lose access to our higher lever functions while we do.”

Prowl slowly began walking down the hall again, and Jazz easily fell into step with him. They walked in comfortable silence towards the command wing. Prowl comm’d a quick request for the other two Praxians to meet him in his office in a few breems, and then just took a moment to bask in the familiar friendship he shared with the mech beside him before he brought up his next point.

“Jazz, I’m sorry, but you should be aware that you will most likely be my target when I am overcome by my heat cycle. If you do not wish to mate with me, you will have to go to considerable lengths to avoid me. I will almost certainly put all my faculties to use in seeking and seducing you otherwise.”

Prowl continued the thought out loud while Jazz was shocked into a stunned silence. “Sideswipe and Sunstreaker will also have to be warned as Bluestreak will probably target them. I am uncertain who Smokescreen will seek out however, as there are several mechs he has indicated an attraction to in the past. I will need to discuss the matter with him, but they may all need to be warned.”

"The Prime, Ratchet, and Red Alert should also be informed so we can begin preparations for the arrival of the sparklings. There is much to be done in a short period of time."

Prowl waited after his pronouncement. Jazz’s fidgeting indicated he had questions he was unsure how to ask. Prowl had expected this, and was prepared to answer to the best of his ability. His friend deserved that much.

But what Jazz asked was not what he was expecting. “So, just so’s I got this clear. When you mechs go into heat and choose a mate... it’s someone you were previously attracted to? Not just whoever’d give ya the best sparkling, but some someone ya actually cared about first?”

“Er, well... that is...” Prowl stiffened in embarrassment. His battle computer frantically cycled through strategy after strategy to try to find a solution to get out of this awkward situation yet hopefully still retain his friendship with the one mech who meant the most to him.

Thankfully, Jazz forestalled his imminent crash with a hand on his chestplate over his spark. “’Cause I wouldn’t mind if that were true.” Jazz said with a gentle smile, stepping close enough for Prowl to feel his electric field wrap around him in welcome. “Seeing as I’ve been attracted to you since I met ya.”

Relief and a heady sense of anticipation had Prowl smiling back helplessly. Maybe this breeding cycle would turn out alright after all.

Jazz curled his arm around the Praxian mech in a quick hug and shot him a cheeky grin. “So tell me more of this funky EM frequency that drives mechs wild for Seeker-tail. M’ I gonna get the chance ta experience that too? ‘Cause I’ll tell ya right now I don’t think I’ll be needing it...”


To Be Continued... in Part 3!

Next part tomorrow!
Tags: fanfic, slash, transformers

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