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I am bored. I am sleepy. And I do not want to leave my house tomorrow because the roads are going to suck once all this snow and wind settles down.



Nobody was quite sure how it started.

There was plenty of speculating and accusing, of course, usually immediately followed by much denying and then finger-pointing at someone else. So all-in-all it looked like discovering who the original culprit was would be unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Unfortunately, it also didn’t look like the “training exercise” would be winding up anytime soon either.

Having been struck for the third time this cycle alone, Starscream no longer reacted when he felt the tell-tale wet splooshy feeling of paint dripping down his back. He merely reached into his cockpit, pulled out the cloth he’d shucked in there ages ago, and wiped off the bright green smear now decorating his right wing.

“If you’re that bored, Skywarp, I’m sure I can dig up some work for you to do.” He spoke without looking up from his cleaning job.

“Aw, how’d you know it was me?”

That did make Starscream turn, but only so he could cast an incredulous look at the grinning teleporter. “And how many times have you tagged me with the same colour of paint, Skywarp? Surely even you must realise I was bound to figure it out sooner or later.”

Skywarp’s grin dimmed the smallest amount. “I’m not the only one using green paint,” he protested. “It could have been Ramjet!”

“Ramjet is at least using a mildly respectable mint green, not this putrid neon atrocity you insist on favouring.”

“Well, fine!” Skywarp huffed. “See if I bother to play with you again. You seriously need to lighten up, ‘Screamer. You’re sucking all the fun out of the game.” He turned sulkily away, calling over his shoulder as he took off to find a new target playmate. “And it’s called Chartreuse, and I think it’s pretty!”

“Of course you do,” Starscream smirked, and continued on his way to the control room.

Megatron met him with his usual glower when he entered. “You’re late.”

“I was detained disciplining one of your band of fools on my way in.” Starscream lifted his chin haughtily.

But rather than get angry as he expected him to, Megatron’s lips ticked upwards in amusement. “So I see. Skywarp again?”

Starscream followed Megatron’s pointed gaze down to his hip where a large drop of glaring electric green paint stood out against his red plating. Sneering desultorily, he wiped it away.

“When are you going to put an end to this nonsense, oh mighty leader? If I was in charge, I would have already dealt with the perpetrators by now.”

“If you were in charge,” Megatron returned mildly, “you’d have already slagged or imprisoned nearly half the base by now. And still managed to miss finding whoever masterminded this little exercise in the first place.”

Starscream joined Megatron at the command table and picked up a datapad. “I still don’t see why you’re allowing this inanity to continue.”

“Because aside from you, Starscream, the troops seem to be enjoying themselves. Morale is high, they’re staying relatively out of trouble, and their aim is actually improving – as our latest success against the Autobots proves. Why should I stop their game?”

“You’re just saying that because no one’s targeted you yet.”

Megatron smiled dangerously. “No one would dare.”

“You do know they’ve devised a point system and are betting on who’ll be the winner?”

“Any how many points are you, Starscream?”

Starscream sniffed disdainfully. “Nowhere near enough for a mech of my rank and prowess. Apparently, they’ve decided Seekers make too easy of targets with our wide wing-spans. Ironically, it seems in this battle the smaller the ‘Con the higher he is rated. The Cassettes, I hear, are especially sought after goals.”

“I’m sure Soundwave is most pleased,” Megatron drolled. “And how much am I worth?”

Starscream just snorted.

Regally ignoring his Second’s disrespect, Megatron let it go and got them back on course. There was still a war to be fought, after all, with far more important battles outside of the base. “Enough about that! Let us discuss the plans for the upcoming mission. I don’t want you failing me yet again, Starscream.”

Without further ado, they both got back to work.


Yeah, I don't even know either. Uh... may be continued?

Fandom: Transformers G1
Genre: GEN, humour
Rating: G
Word count: 1032 words
Tags: fanfic, gen, transformers

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