Moonbeam's Predilections (moonbeamsfanfic) wrote,
Moonbeam's Predilections

Erm... evil bunnies is evil? *eg*

This totally doesn't count as part of the porn ping-pong. It's not even enough to be a side-story, more of a side... drabble. Or drabble-and-a-half, I guess.

Either way, it's not my fault! XD


“Where’s Rumble going?”

Ravage sighed, head down on his paws. “Probably off to meet Starscream again.”

“Why? I thought he didn’t like Starscream?”

“So he says. Starscream doesn’t like him either.”

Ratbat cocked his head sideways, which considering he was currently hanging upside down from Lazerbeak and Buzzsaw’s perch actually made him easier to look up at.

“Why’s he keep going to meet him if he doesn’t like him?”

“Because he’s an idiot who can’t say no to what they’re doing.”

“What are they doing?”

Ravage shuddered. “Don’t ask. Ugh!” He shook his head as if to knock out the mental images. “I think I need to go kill something now.”

Ratbat chirped. “Okay! Can I come? I like hunting bunnies!”

“Sure,” Ravage stood and stretched. “Let’s go kill us some rabbits.” And if I’m really lucky, it’ll overwrite what I saw them doing in the washracks last night.


Looking forward to whatever porny goodness the evil bunnies end up leaving you with, katsuko. LOL!
Tags: fanfic, gen, transformers

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