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Christmas-y Quiz!

Okay, so the library gets really quiet around the holidays and to stave off boredom the bosses have given us this quiz to figure out. There's chocolate (of the lovely Bernard Callebaut variety, yum!) in the offering as a prize to the first person who can complete it correctly.

Hence, I decided to cheat. ;P

Instructions: Below is a list of traditional and modern Christmas songs -- with a twist. Their titles have been rewritten. Your job is to decipher which song each one is based on the clue provided. Some songs may appear twice.

Ex: "Decorate The Entry-Ways" = "Deck The Halls"

1. The Apartment of Two Psychiatrists
2. The Lad is a Diminutive Percussionist
3. Sir Lancelot Has Laryngitis
4. A B C D E F G H I J K M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
5. The Smogless Bewitching Hour Arrived
6. Exhuberation To This Orb
7. 288 Yuletide Hours
8. Do You Perceive The Same Longitudinal Pressure Which Stimulates My Auditory Sense Organs?
9. The Red Man Is Due To Arrive In Our City.
10. Stepping on the Pad Cover
11. Uncouth Dolt Has His Beezer In The Booze And Thinks He Is A Dark Cloud's Boyfriend
12. Far Back In A Hay Stack
13. Leave And Do An Elevated Broadcast
14. Behold! I Envisioned A Trio Of Nautical Vessels!
15. Listen, The Winged Messengers of The Lord Are Proclaiming Tunefully
16. As The Guardians Of Little Woolly Animal's Protected Their Charges in The Shadows of the Earth
17. Frozen Precipitation May Commence
18. Member Of the Round Table With Missing Areas
19. Boulder Of the Tinkling Spheres
20. Vehicular Homicide Was Committed On Father's Mother By A Precipitous Darling
21. Wanted This December: Top Forward Incisors
22. Have Hitherward The Entire Assembly Of Those Who Are Loyal In Their Belief
23. We Are Kong, Lear, and Nat Cole
24. Cup-shaped Instruments Fashioned Of A Whitish Metallic Element
25. Oh, Small Middle-Eastern Urban Center
26. Our Fervent Hope Is That You Thoroughly Enjoy You Yuletide Season
27. Parent Was Observed Osculating An Unshaven Teamster With A Red Coat
28. May The Deity bestow An Absence Of Fatigue to Mild-Mannered Males
29. Natal Celebrations Devoid Of Colour, Rather Albino, As A Hallucinatory Phenomenon For Me
30. Obese Personification Fabricated Of Compressed Mounds Of Minute Crystals

Titles in BOLD are the songs I haven't got clue about! Suggestions welcome!
Tags: meme
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