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The good (nanites rock!), the bad (but classy!), and the ugy (as in hit by the ___ stick!)

Damnit! I was hoping my new computer would arrive before this aired so I could record it live, but stupid shipping... Grr! One more week and I coulda had this bitch! Arg!

Anyway... KNIGHT RIDER: 2008 MOVIE! Almost forgot about it, but luckily my radio station reminded me on the way home from work today. Thus, having just watched on the the Canadian channel, Global -- otherwise known as the Channel Of Many Commercials But At Least It Wasn't NBC With Their Stupid Logo Constantly Blocking the Screen -- I give to you my summation report. Yes, it is time for the good, the bad, and (unfortunately) the ugly.

The Good:

New car? Check! And a very, very cool check at that. I totally dig the new wheels -- not so much the model (although the cobra emblem was pretty freakin' sexy) but that nifty shape/colour change nanite thing it does? Rawr! THAT was enough to get even my engines revving! XD

Okay, so the car is great. Yay! And oddly enough for me, I even liked the girl. She was smart, pretty without being ridiculously glamourous, tough without being superhuman, and all together a fine female character. I am definitely impressed.

Speaking of fine females... the chick FBI agent? Smokin' hot. (And apparently a lesbian, how very forward thinking of the producers! And such a totally obvious ploy, too!) Even her partner, the slightly geeky, slightly annoying tag-along was fun. Yup, definitely liked them too.

The Bad:

The bad guys? Cruel, but classy. A sort of gentleman's bad guy, if you will. True scum, but scum with a certain sense of style and poise. Yep, liked them too.

Dr. Graeme (or whatever the spelling is of the creator Dad old guy)? Kind of an ass, but in that expectant genius sort of way. Granted, his hair was pretty scary looking and kept making me wince and cringe, but otherwise no more than I expected. Neither great, nor too much of a disappointment. Just the usual kind of bleh.

Mike's ma would fit right in with the Winchesters on Supernatural though. Exactly how many guns was she packin'?! Too bad she died, she looked like she'd be a right riot to watch in action.

Which brings me to the final piece of the puzzle.

The real challenge to whether I can accept this new Knight Rider version.


The guy. The male lead. Michael Knight's supposed son.

The Ugly:

The new driver.

::shudders:: OMG, he's everything I absolutely HATE in a man! If I knew him in real life, I'd become a lesbian just to avoid him. He's a jerk, an ass, a pig... he's self-centered and emotionally retarded. Goddamnit, he's even ugly as shit! WTF, producers? Seriously, what were you thinking when you picked him? Aside from the fighting skills (and by the way, he's the most pathetic excuse for an "Army Ranger" I've ever seen on TV... your military consultant should be shot. Gah!), he's got no redeeming qualities whatsoever. And also no chemistry!  A card board cut-out would have more passion in a scene! be it with his mom death's, meeting his long lost father (YAY continuity! Enjoyed David Hasselhoff's brief appearance -- although it would have been more fun if we'd seen him leaving in his classic, shiny black 1982 Trans Am... I'm just sayin'!), or that deplorably boring and cold thing the producers tried to pass off as a kiss there at the end.

So in review:  Loved the car, including the rather substandard voice/personality -- mostly because it lets me go on believing there will never be an AI equal to the true sentiency of the original KITT. (*eg*) Liked the girl, the Feds, the bad guys, even didn't mind the old guy or the whole Like Father-Like Son deal.

But I'm sorry, I simply can NOT stand the guy the picked for the new driver. Ugh! He makes me want to bash his face in with a 2x4. There's no way I could watch this guy on a consistent basis. I'd be driven to claw my own eyes out, fercryingoutloud.

In Summation:

Not bad. I'm not gonna squee over it and fall back into KR fandom with paroxysms of joy... but I may check it out every now and then. So, you know, that's as good as could be expected I think.

ETA: Also, Ford's new commercial with the spandex people who contort themselves into car shapes? Creepy, but oddly compelling!
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