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Season Premiere Week!

I've been catching up from all the Season Premieres I missed over the past week because I was working. Beware of spoilers!


Meh. Wasn't the best I've ever seen, but had its moments. Loved Nathan, even with the admittedly fugly beard -- Adrian Pasdar with a scruff? Sexy. Adrian Pasdar with full beard? Scary. (Note to TPTB: Go back to his Mysterious Ways look, that was such a good look for him. Please!)

On the other hand, him kicking his mom out of Peter's apartment after saying, "I never should have trusted you. You're evil." Priceless! I'm looking forward to Peter's return only to see Nathan's reaction. Peter is too much the super special Marty Stu to be interesting on his own. Nathan totally owns the show though.

Oh yeah, and Parkman and Suresh playing house together raising Molly is adorably cute. ;P


I pretty much stopped watching last year because of the lameness, but this season? I'm baaaaaack! ::squees::

So much love for Wilson, the diabolically bold terrorist guitar-napper! YAY! That was awesome! The notes, the fan/voice disguiser, the holy newspaper! Love, love, love, love, LOVE! OMG, they are so married it's the bestest thing ever! ::flails::

Also, the Survivor-esque hiring practice for House's new ducklings promises to be equal parts humiliating and hilarious. I'm giddy with anticipation!


Three things:

1. Mac is so totally not in love with whatsherface, the British chick. Did you see how fast he was running to get away from her? And staying at hotels, even when being stalked by creepy 3:33am phone guy? Definitely not love. Thank god! ::hates that chick::

2. Spray on condoms? WTF?!? (Although the look on Danny's face when Lindsay demonstrated was adorable. :P)

3. Seriously, did anybody NOT peg that creepy Morton guy as the killer from the very first time he opened his mouth? Seriously? He couldn't have been more obvious if he'd walked around with a giant neon sign blinking "CREEPY SERIAL KILLER!!!" over his head. Mystery wise, this episode failed completely... but the case was otherwise cool, the Statue of Liberty thing impressive, and I adored the hell out of Adam and Kendall's supergenius showdown of lurve!

3a. [This one's for crimsonquills :D] Mac was terrified to get too close to the edge while up in the Torch. He actually winced! OMG! Fear of heights, dude, he's got a fear of heights! CENTAUR!!!! ::does Snoopy dance in glee::


5 hours to go! Ooooohhh, can't wait! I know they'll find some way to clear Colby and all, but I still really, really, really want to see it. I've missed Don!

Plus, Val Kilmer is supposed to be the Guest Star, so double yay!

T-minus 4.5 hours and counting!


Another one that hasn't aired yet, won't until Monday here in Canada, but will air tonight in the US. Which means I'll be watching it tomorrow morning, heh. ::whistles innocently::

From all reports, it ought to be great with soldier!Sheppard running around being all manly and commanding. I'm desperately needing that after a summer of squick-inducing fics. It sucks horribly being of a minority in a fandom as large and dynamic and filled with awesomely talented writers as this one, but I just cannot stand the preferred characterisation that easily over 90% of the rest of the fandom adores. What they all think of Sheppard's character doesn't just gross me out, it pisses me right the fuck off. Every time I encounter it, I have to restrain the urge to punch a hole through my monitor. If I happened to come across it just after I really started getting into a well-written story? That's it for me -- it'll be days before I can stand going near my computer again without becoming nauseous and enraged.

It's so damned unfair, I tell you. I have such a crazy, crazy love for the show itself but am seriously on the verge of hating the fandom with a fiery burning passion. Why, world, why?! And I can't even say anything, since I'm so obviously alone in my opinions! God, it's sucks being a minority! ARGH!


6 days and counting! Alas, I'll be working the Thursday night it airs too, so I'll have to wait until the repeat Friday to sink my teeth into those delicious Winchester boys again.

Although I still can't figure out where they're planning on going with it. Natural progression of villians in a TV series is always to get bigger and badder each year. That's one of the reasons Stargate: SG-1 came to an end -- they got to the point where they were fighting gods, what could possibly be worse than that? Nada, hence the lack of a season 11. Same thing with Supernatural. Last year they defeated the Yellow-Eyed Demon. Oh sure, in doing so they released a bunch of other demons and baddies which I'm sure the boys will spend half the show cleaning up, but who's the Big Bad now? The Devil? C'mon!

Anyway, all said, it looks like it might be a decent year of TV this season. If all these premieres live up to their hype and set a good trend, well... maybe that huge cable bill I'm paying will be worth it afterall. :)
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