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Now what?

I'm finally done. And I succeeded in getting every project I owed handed in on time -- including the poetry fic for Mosca's Free Verse Challenge, which will be posted along with 70+ others on Dec. 5th. But now what am I to do with my free time?

I think, in light of Jonathon Brandis' unfortunate demise, that I'll go back to that seaQuest/Free Willy crossover I was writing and try to finish it. Maybe see if I can work in a little more Lucas, just because. Hell, the guy was only a few years older than me! I may not be as upset by his death as his truly dedicated fans -- I only got back into seaQuest fandom a few months ago, after all -- but I'd still like to do a little something to show my appreciation. I did have one hell of a crush on him when I was 14, so I kinda owe it to myself I think.
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