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Man, today? Am I ever! I am/will be beta-ing for FOUR people today! 4! Holy crap!

crimsonquills's beta is half done. Initial beta is complete, she's in revising stages. I still don't know for sure what the results of this will be, as it was my 'test beta'. Sort of an audition to see if she and I can work well together as author and beta. So far, I'm thinking the verdict is still up in the air. She seemed pleased by my style, but my comments have led her to rewriting over the half the fic, and that never leaves a good impression. ::shrugs philosophically:: All I can do is wait and see.

One of the other beta jobs for me today was editing my Mother-the-Priest's Sunday Sermon for tomorrow. Normally, I find such a task somewhat excruciating (given my athiest tendencies), but today it wasn't so bad. The sermon of choice was all about a Fruit on the Vine metaphor, which she used to great affect. It should go down well in church tomorrow.

Tonight and tomorrow (and maybe Monday, too) will be spent on shade_shifter's new fic. It's a crossover, long, and schizophrenic -- which is always fun to beta, but a bitch to keep track of -- so it'll take a while to do properly. Although, Shifty? If you want to post the snippet separately, "Corollary" is perfect as is. No beta needed, you can send it out the world whenever you'd like. It's good to go.

Lastly is something of my own, but I'm not gonna tell you what it is. I don't even know if I'll post it anyway, but all this beta-ing for others has spurred me to see if I can't clean it up a bit. And it's true enough I haven't written anything in so long most of you have forgotten me completely, so... There is, of course, no deadline on this particular beta job. I can, and will, take my fine sweet time with it. ;P

So you see? I'm totally the Beta-Reader of Death today. Hence the pathetic attempt at iconage. :D

Oh, and reoune? I know I promised you an email, but would mind waiting until tomorrow? I'm on a roll right now and don't want to throw myself off track. Thanks!
Tags: beta, crossover, fanfic, pimp

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