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Recs and Rhapsodizing

As reoune so graciously reminded me, I've been terribly remiss in sticking to my supposed one-rec-per-day schedule. ::coughs, blushing:: Erm... at least I managed to do two whole days before I lost the plot -- wow, look at me go! ;P

My only excuse is that I've been so busy reading so many perfectly marvelous fics I've had no time to write a review. So here's seven to make it up:

Rec #1 - Myths and Revelations #5: Crime and Conflict by Nix
crimonquills fifth story in the NCIS version of the infamous AU that eats fandoms, otherwise known as the Centaur AU series. Very hot, very compelling, very very addictive. Gibbs/Dinozzo SLASH. With centaurs. Did I mention the centaurs? Cuz there's centaurs. Mmmmm... centaurs. ::drools::
Rec #2 - The Most Gorgeously Stupid Thing by musefool
Um, how to put this delicately? *eg* This story is a pure and unadulterated (snerk!) fuck-fest. There is a plot in there somewhere, somewhat buried under all the hot sex, and some character insights too, in between the orgasms. But you probably won't notice amidst the more obvious distractions. ;) It's got something for everyone, too. HET, SLASH, all possible combinations thereof... but then what do you expect of a story that's billed as Lily/MPP. As in three of the four Marauders. I guarantee you JK Rowling will never write something like this! Harry Potter fandom.
Rec #3 - Baohuren by Marge Shasberger
An oldie but goodie, this Kung Fu: The Legend Continues fic is one of my favourite post-series scenarios. Peter as the new Shaolin Priest, reluctantly and oblivously making a place for himself. It's the first of a series, all stories well written although I consider this one the best. I only recently re-discovered it, having lost my copies of this story and others by the same author (Check out "Aleatoric Paths to Destiny" too!) during my total system meltdown some few months ago. Mostly GEN, but later stories in the series have some mild unintrusive HET. And kids, which is kind of the by-product of the het, you know?
Rec #4 - The Memoirs of Jonathon Carnahan by Xenon
It's years after Evie and Rick met and fell in love, defeated Imhotep and the Scorpion King, and even Alex is all grown up and carrying on the family tradition. Jonathon is slowly getting around to writing down the memories of his very ordinary life -- if you ignore the mummies, ghosts, deserters, and pirates, that is. The story can be a bit slow in places, as Jonathon has a tendency to ramble, but it's dead hilarious when he does. And not the least bit surprising to learn his periodic brushes with the fantastical started a hell of a lot earlier than we thought. It is also, if you haven't guessed already, based on The Mummy and The Mummy Returns movies. Totally GEN, long, and frightfully British. Heh.
Rec #5 - Babysitters, Cats, and Demons by Kaiiz
Hellboy. SLASH. Mpreg. ::waits:: Anybody still reading here? Well, if you are, swallow your doubts and give it a try. It's quite well done. Written by a gay man, which I think makes a difference in the sex if nothing else. The sequel is still a WIP, but it's equally good. And decent HB fic is incredibly hard to find -- decent Mpreg fic even more so. This is probably only the fifth or sixth well-written one I've encountered in almost 80 fandoms and nine years of reading. That says something, it does.
Rec #6 - The Guy Who Loves Me by Pepe
Shock of all shocks, a good Stargate: SG-1 Jack/Daniel SLASH story! And it's new, only posted a few days ago, never before seen! ::gasp:: I'd just about given up on this fandom, thought all the good J/D fic had been written already and we'd never see its like again. I'm so glad to know I was wrong! Although I will warn you that's it is a bit of a weird take on the ol' pairing, but the way the author writes is fits like a glove. I've no complaints with either this story, or any other by this truly amazing author! (Don't miss Pepe's "The Sunray Inn" series either, if you're into hot kinky twisted man-sex. Always a good thing... *eg*)
Rec #7 - Safari Wanderer by reoune
Because she finally got around to posting this baby on her LJ, I feel it's finally safe to rec it. It's Lair-fic, which I know most of you could care less about -- ::cough, snort, choke, dies laughing:: -- but I'm sure you'll make the sacrifice and read it. C'mon, do it for me? :)

Also, while watching the Viewer's Choice seaQuest marathon on Space: The Imagination Station today, I saw a preview for The Sentinel. Woot, oh glorious woot! I have all the episodes on tape, but its always fun to watch fresh on TV too. ::does a happy dance:: Fall will be a good TV season, if this kind of thing keeps up. WOOT!!
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