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I apparently have no ability to write without a muse whispering in my ear. Most of you know my own muse has been MIA for weeks now, but I've had a couple of false alarms with other people's muses. First that stolen one of elfinessy's, then the brief taunting visit by reoune's to mock me from the shadows, and yesterday redwolf's muse stopped by to help me write her mistress a birthday present. (Unfortunately, Wolf's muse is an evil tease who laughed and flitted away seconds before I could finish. So even that didn't work out.) Really, it's too frustrating to keep trying and failing, especially when I want to write and have the time to write, but just CAN'T. I think for the interrim it'll be safer and saner for all involved if I just stick to reading other people's fiction.

So about all I've got to post right now are memes -- and too many of these will irritate even me. Hmmm, I may have to start leaving daily recommendations instead. As long as I'm going to be doing so much reading, might as well spread the love, eh? ;)

Copy this quiz into a comment (or your journal) and fill it out with your answers, serious or not. Come on. There are a lot of you out there, and I want to meet you! And for those of you I already know, well, I want to know you better!

1. What would you change your name to if it wasn't such a hassle to get all your paperwork redone?
2. What's a fandom you love that doesn't have nearly enough people in it?
3. Share a dorky story about yourself.
4. Where's one place you really want to visit before you die?
5. Where would you live if money wasn't an issue?
6. How did you find this journal?
7. What's your favorite community on LJ?
8. What was your favorite childhood toy?
9. Name three shows you want to have on DVD right now. (Whether or not they're slated for release/have been released.)
10. Say something nice about:
-- Another LJ user (not me!)
-- Yourself
-- A famous figure
11. What's the biggest "OH MY GOD!" moment you've ever had from a movie, show, or book? (Warning: using "I am your father" might date you.)
12. What's something weird you enjoy that gets you odd looks from other people?
13. When did you first get online?
14. Name something you're really good at.
15. Name something you wish you were really good at.

1. I'd be a copycat of redwolf and change my last name to my pseudonym. Or well, part of it. 'Moonbeam' might be a bit corny, but 'Moon' would make an excellent surname. Much shorter than my current one too!

2. I saw most of my Flist said Knight Rider, but honestly I think it's grown to a lovely size and there are enough people writing it to keep me happy. So instead I'll point you to the itty-bitty fandoms like The Rundown, which only has one (yes, count 'em, I said ONE, as in singular!) decent author. Now that's small!

3. I went to the mountains today with my father. We hiked up Johnston's Canyon to see the waterfalls. He's just about old enough to retire and I don't even turn 25 for another month yet, but I had to ask him to slow down because I couldn't keep up! It's entirely possible I spend too much time on the computer -- I'm not fat, I'm just exceedingly lazy!

4. Still really want to see Australia, although the trip has been put off for a year to due unforeseen circumstances. But 2006, sometime between September and November, come hell or high water, I'm going! No ifs, ands, or buts!

5. MIR... er, sorry, the International Space Station. Yeah, that'd be good.

6. I will maintain my belief that I'm the one who talked Shady into getting a LiveJournal until my dying day, and no one can tell me different! ::snerk::

7. I'm also going to have to say the_kittchen, but not because of the stories. It's because I'm friends with most of the poeple on that list and I keep hoping there'll be another day when we're all on together at the same time because that was one of the funnest experiences I've had on LJ.

8. Axle Black, a stuffed black horse with a white blaze. He's not quite the oldest stuffed animal I own -- that honour goes to either Buster the Dog (with the missing nose!) or Mr. Fiddlehead, even I can't remember which -- but Axle has been with me on more roadtrips than any other toy. His size, shape, and softness make him the ideal pillow for sleeping in the car.

9. The Sentinel, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, and NCIS.

10. a.) redwolf is my oldest and dearest online friend, who even though it's her birthday and she should be the one getting presents, offers to send me the entire Doctor Who season on DVD so I'll know what all the fuss is about. Really, you don't get much better than that.
b.) I know my limits, I know what I can and can't do, and I know better than to make a fool of myself by forgetting that.
c.) Bart the Bear is incredibly sweet and not the least bit intimidating, despite the fact that he's a full grown male Kodiak Grizzly who's taller than me sitting down and has teeth the size of my hands. He's also afraid of his trainer's small orange tabby cat, which hissed at him and made him drop his cookie.

11. The biggest? No clue. The latest was seeing Kate smoked on the season finale of NCIS. (Sorry, but nothing about HBP was really a shock to me.)

12. Besides slash? Probably my love of spiders. I don't allow people to squish them, but instead pick them up and carry them outside. It's even more effective if you do it in public places, like the library. Folks never know what to say when a young well-dressed woman calmly encourages her new 'sweetheart' to crawl onto her hand so she can take him outside away from all these big nasty creatures who might step on you, poor thing.

13. Got the first family computer in July 1996 (my father had one for work for years before), but it wasn't until September that I discovered The X-Files fandom and became an avid user. I met Red Wolf just after she wrote "Shift", which would have been early 1997, and started writing my very first (*cough* Mary-Sue *cough*) fic by summer.

14. Reading. (What? It's true! ;P)

15. Writing. (I want my muse back! Whaaaaaa!)
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