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A couple of memes, because my Muse is still MIA

Gakked from theantijoss:

10 Fictional Characters I'd Totally Shag Senseless:

1. Declán (OMC of redwolf's Wolf&Declán!verse) because he is my ideal man... er, werewolf.
2. Methos (Highlander) because he is Methos and therefore capable of anything and everything imaginable -- and quite a few things not.
3. Karr (of Gryph/Macx's Knight Rider Fire & Ice AU) because he is a good Bad Guy. Or is that a bad Good Guy? Either way, he's irresistible -- even as a car.
4. Goliath (Disney's Gargoyles) because he is huge, sexy as hell, and has the most spine-tingling voice ever. I don't even mind the wings! Although the purple skin is a bit of a stretch...
5. Jim Ellison (The Sentinel) because he is a toasted marshmellow -- hard on the outside, soft in the middle. Oh, and there's the whole PANTHER bit too, yeah.
6. Vin Tanner (The Magnificent Seven) because he is sweet and scruffy and loves his ornery bastard of a horse no matter how much trouble Peso causes him.
7. Tara Maclay (Buffy: the Vampire Slayer) because she was beautiful inside and out, and not half as appreciated as she should have been.
8. Logan/Wolverine (X-Men: either Comic!verse or Movie!verse) because he is wild, animalistic and ferocious, but still oh so snuggly.
9. Major John Sheppard (of zortified's Stargate: Atlantis Horses of Different Colors AU sub-series) because he did not even notice when he acquired a herd, but seamlessly took responsiblity as soon as he did. I'm still waiting for Rodney to question John's sudden interest in the work and sleeping habits of the scientists.
10. Remus Lupin and Sirius Black (Harry Potter book!verse) because I can't decide between them. Besides, they'd probably come as a matched set anyway...

Gakked from musefool:

Best fictional character to:

. . . be at your side after the apocalypse: Methos
. . . be at your side fighting a war: Jack O'Neill
. . . take over the world with: Lex Luthor
. . . run your country with: I've been wracking my brain trying to think of someone who'd make a great leader and kept coming up blank. Then I realized -- I don't like politicians!
. . . be stuck on a desert island with: MacGyver (He'd probably build a boat out of coconuts or something to rescue us.)
. . . marry, grow old and have children with: Jim Ellison w/ Blair Sandburg (I want to have Jim's kids, but want Blair to help raise them.)
. . . wander the wilderness with: I was going to say either Aragorn or Wolverine, but then I thought 'if I was with LaCroix, I'd never wind up in the wilderness in the first place!' and that was better.
. . . sail the seven seas with: Captain Jack Sparrow
. . . be your mad scientist: Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard (C'mon, he's got the part nailed already!)
. . . carry you off across his/her horse into the sunset: Chris Larabee (I know, you'd thought I say Vin, didn't you? But Chris is the more "knight in shining armor" type -- and he's equally sexy.)

And I'm ever so thankful that I don't have to go to work tomorrow. HBP madness, and the library is actually keeping its 200 copies under lock and key this year. (I skimmed through one last night at work, and still fail to see what all the fuss is about.) For the 2000+ customers on the request list for the sixth Harry Potter book, they're gonna have to come to the desk and present ID before they can pick up their copy. I will, thank god, not be there dealing with them. Whew!

P.S. I need to make some sort of WANTED poster for my missing Muse, don't I? Maybe offer a reward? Send out a search party? Oooh, Musey, where are you?! ::starts sing--er, warbling:: "Lone-ly, I'm so lone-ly..."
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