Moonbeam's Predilections (moonbeamsfanfic) wrote,
Moonbeam's Predilections

::blinks:: Where'd that little thumbs up sign come from?

Shit me, I have a paid account! How the hell did that happen?! ::blinks in shock::

Alright, which one of you lovely ladies (or laddies, if by chance it t'were a guy) do I have to make the sacrifice to? And what would you prefer in gratitude, because whatever you ask I shall endeavor to provide. You want worship and accolades? I grovel in adulation before you! You want fic? Name it, I'll write it! You want icons? I'll bribe someone else to make them! You want my first born? Well... you might have to fight my sister for it, since the only way I'm ever having kids is as a surrogate mommy for hers.

But anything else is yours -- ask and you shall receive!


Whoever you are, I love you! ::smacks a big kiss on you::


Oh, and the reason I bothered to update my LJ in the first place and thus discovered my wonderful new good fortune (THANK YOU!!!)...

Total Number of Fandoms I Like: Oh for crying out loud, how am I supposed to know? I lost count at fifty (The Fast and The Furious) -- and that was last year! It's probably closer to 75 or 80 by now. ::snorts:: Especially since I picked up a new one just yesterday.

My First Fandom Ever: That would be The X-Files, to which I fell into three months after going online for the very first time in 1996. I met redwolf not too long after that. (I found Highlander and The Sentinel about a year later, thus starting my descent into multifandom madness.)

My Most Recent Fandom: Well, considering I just read my first The Mummy fic yesterday, and liked it enough to look for more, chances are that's the most recent. But it's gonna be one of those "pardon me, just passing through" type fandoms, so maybe it shouldn't count. If we're talking fandoms I'll stick with for years and keep going back to, then it's The Rundown -- or was it Chronicles of Riddick? No, wait, it was Harry Potter! But no, that was months ago. Erm... NCIS? No, was reading that in crossovers even last year. Ah geez, I'm so confused!

I read a Quantum Leap story the other day. I don't remember reading one of those in years! Mind, that implies I did used to read them... which I probably did, even if only in crossovers. (Scott Bakula is not one of my favorite actors. Ick.)

See what I mean, Shady? You're trying to kill me with these questions! There's no way I can keep track of things enough to remember it all. There's just too many! URGH!

I should torture you by trying to list them all... but I have the feeling the effort really would kill me! :D
Tags: fandom, gift, meme

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