Moonbeam's Predilections (moonbeamsfanfic) wrote,
Moonbeam's Predilections

Here's an Extra Credit Yoink... see if you can guess who the story's about!

It was a good night to be out and about, I tell you. Warm, with just the faintest chill still left in the air from last year's winter. No wind, just a calm breeze against my back gently helping me on my way. It was dry yet, but the scent of rain wafted on the breeze. It'd be wet come morning, I couldn't help thinking, feeling my heart settle happily at the thought.

I so loved the water, you know. It was so much better than those long hot, excessively dry days you always hear about around here. Listening to the animals talk, you'd think this place was always either freezing cold or swelteringly hot. It always made me laugh. I mean, really. . . make up your minds already, you foolish dolts.

They are, too. Oh, they like to think they're better than us, just because they're bigger. Nevermind that we out number them easily. Or that they have yet to devise an adequate defense against us. It's ridiculous, really. The very idea that any of them are superior to us is preposterous!

But that's alright, I'm in too good of a mood tonight to let such petty matters get to me. My belly is full, I'm well-rested and fresh from a nap, and I'm feeling fiinnne! I've got the wind behind me, the weather is gorgeous, and I'm got a lovely evening to look forward to.
Tags: fanfic

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