Moonbeam's Predilections (moonbeamsfanfic) wrote,
Moonbeam's Predilections

The jaguar padded slowly through the jungle, following the scents wafting on the humid air to the fresh spring water gurgling faintly in the distance. He could smell his mate nearby, the wolf's own unique scent filling his nostrils and heating his blood. An excited rumble building deep in his powerful chest, the big cat hastened his speed to a ground-eating lope. His lips peeled back, revealing gleaming white fangs that glistened brightly in contrast to the midnight sheen of his coal black coat.

At the water's edge, on the opposite bank from where the panther burst from the greenery, the wolf lolled sleepily in the drifting moonbeams of light filtering in through the small break in the thick jungle canopy. His light grey fur seemed to glow a sparkling silver as the moon's glow danced over his form, fluttering with every breath the relaxed creature took.

Panting harshly from his run, the panther stopped at the water's edge to stare at his mate. Mighty chest heaving from exertion, the great black head lowered as the nostrils flared wide, sucking in the wolf's tantalizing scent in great gasping breaths. The subvocal rumbling growing louder, the black jaguar padded forward, splashing through the shallow stream with little concern of the cold water drenching his paws.

The wolf's fine head rolled across the dewy grass as the bright blue canine eyes followed the jungle cat's motions, his large pink tongue lagging out to taste the air. Watching tiredly from his prone position, the wolf shivered in pleasure as the big cat settled warmly at his back. His tail flicked once or twice, the closet to a wag the wolf could manage as tired as he was.

Swiping a rough pink tongue across the long fur of the wolf's scruff in proprietary greeting, the panther lay down behind his mate's sprawled body. Licking the moisture off his own paws, feeling the warmth of his mate all along his side, the jaguar's unconscious rumbling shifted minutely into a deep comforting purr that vibrated through his body and into the wolf's. His great square head settled comfortably on the soft fur of the wolf's back, the panther closed his eyes and joined his mate in slumber.
Tags: fanfic, sentinel, slash

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