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New Ficlet: (Red Wolf's) Original Fandom

Sent this scribble to redwolf via email last night and she liked it enough to want to keep it. It's already posted on her website, so I figured might as well post it on LJ too.

Set in Red Wolf's original Wolf&Declán!verse, and occuring sometime in the London!verse, here's what Spike and Dawn's co-workers have been up to on their own time...

Summary: Declán is less than happy to learn there's a new man in Rachel's life.

By Moonbeam

"Declán, I'm sorry, but I have something important to tell you."

Set on guard by her serious tone, Declán stopped what he was doing and gave his lover his full attention. "Yes, Rachel?"

Rachel swallowed. "I... I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself! He was just so handsome, so strong and gentle. Even Buster liked him. And his eyes, oh! He has the most beautiful eyes... I couldn't resist," she trailed off nervously.

An awful feeling beginning to churn in his belly, Declán forced himself to meet her eyes. "What are you trying to tell me?"

"I've fallen in love with another —"

Roaring, Declán cut her off as he leapt to his feet. He stared at the woman he loved, feeling his heart crumble and shatter as her words stabbed him like a sword. He struggled to hold on to his emotions.

"Who... who is he, Rachel?" He asked quietly, fighting to stay calm. "How did you meet him?"

Rachel looked down guiltily, but couldn't hide the fond little smile that tilted her lips as she remembered. "I was walking home when I ran into him. He was standing by the side of the road, looking lost and confused." She blinked earnestly up at her boyfriend. "Oh, Dec! I only meant to help him, I swear! But he was so grateful for my help that he kissed me, and I fell instantly in love with him! He was just so sweet and adorable, I couldn't leave him there."

Declán's hard-won calm was rapidly evaporating. "Am I to understand, Rachel my dear, that you brought him into our house?"

Rachel's eyes darted furtively to the closed bedroom door.

Declán caught the glance and couldn't suppress the growl that rumbled out from his throat. Teeth bared and eyes glowing angrily, he snarled at his girlfriend. "Into our bedroom? Rachel, how could you?!" Rational thought completely eradicated, the enraged werewolf stormed over to the only object blocking him from his rival.

Rachel ran after him, reaching for his arm. "Wait! Declán, I can explain...!"

But he was beyond hearing. He crushed the doorknob in a powerful grip and threw the door open with a bang as it rebounded off the wall. Fingers curled and eyes hard, he swept into the room with a vengeance. "Alright, you filthy thieving bastard — OOF!"

Startled, Declán looked down in confusion at the large husky that was suddenly planted against his chest. Woofing happily, the dog looked at him adoringly at it tried to slobber doggy-kisses all over his face.

"What the...?"

Rachel pulled the dog off him, hugging the great beast tightly round the neck. "His name is Levi, honey. I'm sorry I didn't ask you if we could have another dog, but I just couldn't turn him away once I saw him." She looked imploringly at her mate, batting her eyelashes in her best You-Know-You-Love-Me-And-Want-To-Make-Me-Happy look. "Can we keep him? Please?"

Too relieved to feel ridiculous over having jumped to conclusions, Declán couldn't help but laugh as he stared into two pairs of guiless, pleading eyes.

Wrapping his arms around Rachel's waist, he smiled lovingly down at her. "Anything you want, sweetheart, anything you want."


Because sometimes one just feels the need for puppy-fic, you know? Be it Wolf and Declán, Tonka and Apache, Padfoot and Moony... or even Lassie if I'm desperate enough. ;)
Tags: buffy, crossover, fanfic, het, wolf & declán

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