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Teh Big Slash Meme

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Teh Big Slash meme
Read and/or write?Both
Since when?Reading since 1998, writing since 1999
How did you stumble into slash?Had a friend while I was in The X-Files fandom who considered herself "Scully's Little Love-Bunny" who constantly talked about slash, but I didn't delve into it until I hit Highlander fandom.
Your first fandom and pairing:Reading: Highlander (Duncan/Methos) - Writing: The Sentinel (Jim/Blair)
The first person you told about your new hobby:Online? Probably Red Wolf, can't say for sure. In person? My sister.
The fandoms you read:As I'm up to 50+, I'll just name the ones I've been reading most recently: Harry Potter (Remus/Sirius), The Sentinel (Jim/Blair), CSI: Las Vegas (Nick/Greg), Angel (Angel/Spike), Magnificent 7 (Chris/Vin), Stargate: SG-1 (Jack/Daniel; Daniel/Chaka -- yeah, you heard me!), Fast & Furious (Dom/Brian; Brian/Rome), Lord of the Rings (Legolas/Gimli), and The Invisible Man (Darien/Bobby)
The fandoms you write:The Sentinel, Highlander, Angel, Forever Knight, Stargate: SG-1, and branching out into others as the muse cooperates.
Your favourite pairings:Currently? Remus/Sirius, Angel/Spike, Nick/Greg, and (always) Jim/Blair -- What can I say, I'm on a kick. :)
Favourite genres:Crossovers, Humour, First Times, AUs, PWPs, Kink!fic
Least favourite pairings:Jim/anybody but Blair, Jack/Sam (yuck!), Chris/Ezra, Xander/anybody at all, Harry Potter/anybody at all
Least favourite genres:Domestic Discipline and Corporal Punishment.
What makes a story good?Well written, good characterizations, has an emotional impact.
What makes a story bad?Bad writing and OOCness.
The best author:The Sentinel fandom: Francesca, Magnificent 7 fandom: Sue Necessary, Highlander fandom: Sleeps With Coyotes, Stargate fandom: Anais, Forever Knight fandom: Fenris, Fast & Furious fandom: Khalessian, Invisible Man fandom: Charlotte Ruocco, Lord of the Rings fandom: Theresa Green
Why?Because they're the first ones I think of when I think of those pairings, although if giving half a second I can certainly add another thousand names with ease. ;P
The best story you've ever read:"Quicksand" by Sue Necessary in The Magnificent Seven fandom -- because no one who reads it can ever walk away untouched.
The worst author:I work very hard to avoid bad authors...
Why?... because bad authors write bad fiction, and bad fiction hurts my brain.
The worst story you've ever read:Can't remember what it was called, but it started out fantastic and then took this competely unexpected horrible dive into OOCness that made me want to wash out my mind. ::shudder::
The best story you have written:The best slash story? "Payback's a Bitch", The Sentinel fandom. Pure PWP, pure unrelenting hot sex. Mmmm...
The worst story you have written:An unposted piece of drivel I deleted off my harddrive about five years ago, good riddance.
Do you leave feedback?Whenever a story touches me in a particular way, whether it makes me laugh or cry or just feel all warm and squishy.
Do you get feedback?Yes, for the first few days after posting mostly. Rarely on old fics.
Do you have a favorite kink?What the hell, I'll be honest here... I *love* a well-written bestiality fic, but only when the "animal" in question is actually a sentient character. Like the Daniel/Chaka fic mentioned above, or the Moony/Padfoot fics I've been seeking out, or the rare Jim-as-a-Panther fic that pops up in Sentinel fandom.
Does something squick you?Lots of things, but mainly BDSM stories where the equality and love between the characters is subverted for control or violence. The characters I recognize could never do something like that.
Is slash simply sex?Heck no, it's all about the relationship. (The sex is just a bonus, a very very nice bonus. *eg*)
Is slash a way of life?Sometimes. For some characters, they just belong in slash relationships. For others, only het relationships seem plausible. It varies for each character and how they interact with fellow characters.
How much time do you spend reading/writing?Easily four or five hours a day, minimum.
Do you have RL friends who slash?Like... duh.
Have you made online friends through slash?Erm... yeah, I say at least a *few*. ::cough::
Do you think slash is just a phase?Not a chance. It makes too much sense for far too many characters.
Could you simply stop slashing?No way. I'd go into withdrawl without my daily does of fanfic, and easily more than half the fandoms I read in are slashy.
What do you think about...
Ratings G to PG-13They're usually pre-slash or just short stories of the humour or angst varieties.
Ratings R to NC-17Prefer 'em, but only so long as the sex is good. And I do sometimes get picky about who tops and who bottoms.
AUsSure! As long as the characters are still in-character, they don't even have to have the same name.
ARsYep, these too. Same rules as above apply.
CrackficsNot entirely sure what this is...?
PornThat would be a HELL YES!
AngstCan't really be avoided, can it?
MushWhen I'm in the mood.
LoveEvery single time, if I have anything to say about it. Which, by stunning coincidence, I do. :)
RomancePlease! (Although occasionally I think the romance ought to fail as one character denies or leaves another. Sometimes, I want a bit of reality in my fics.)
BDSMI like the D aspect (as in D/s), and don't mind a bit of mild B, but tend to avoid S&M like the plague.
DarkficsYes, yes! Because sometimes you don't want things to work out all nice and neatly.
DeathficsYep, there's more of the realism I'm a-wantin'.
Non consensual/rapeYes, but only if written well and it's actually conducive to the plot. No gratuitous rape just for a bit of random angst.
Rape recoveryYes, always. Show the truth about it and I'll love you more.
FPSIt's the only kind I'm interested in. (It's the *characters* I love, not the actors.)
RPSFlat out NO.
RPGNot really my thing. I just don't really understand it.
First timesLove 'em, adore 'em, can't get enough of 'em!
Established relationshipsWill take them anytime, but I'm still gonna want to know how the two hooked up in the first place! ;)
Threesomes99.9999% of the time, no thanks. However, under certain exceptions, I'll read the rare threesomes. Unfortunately, I'm mostly a true romantic who believes in monogamy.
m/m slashMy favorite kind. :)
femmeslashOnly come across a few femmeslash pairings, such as Xena/Gabrielle and Willow/Tara. But if the characters fit, I don't particularly care what gender they are.
Slashing a children's book/movieThis would refer back to the Harry Potter thing, wouldn't it?
Chanslash I admit, I've read it. But only when the characters are at least in their teens.
Explicit sexHaven't ever turned it down.
The importance of charactarization... is key!
OOCnessRuins a story faster than anything else aside from bad spelling.
CanonSets the groundwork for believability, but...
Fanonbuilds off canon and often makes it more real.
ClichesWork for me, I don't have a problem with them.
SupernaturalVampires are sexy, aliens intrigue me, and magic entrances me.
MPREGLove it, if the author actually takes it seriously and writes it in a plausible manner. Like Gillian Middleton's "BJ Sandburg" (The Sentinel) or Diana William's "Misconceptions" (Highlander).
WingficsHuh? Never heard of it.
GenderfuckGenderbending can be an incredible plot devise, if used properly.
CrossoversI absolutely ADORE them! And sometimes they are needed, as a character in one fandom might be slashy but no one else in his/her show is. Like in the case of Krycek from the X-Files, who makes a nice image slashed with Methos or Kronos (or both!). And if not for crossovers, we'd be missing hot anthropologist-sex as Daniel and Blair steam up our screens. Crossovers are *good*!
Group Slut FicsI've only read a couple, and they were all humourous.
IncestDoesn't really appeal to me, but I have been known to make exceptions for certain forms of twincest or vampiric daddy!kink.
May/DecemberSure, why not? Age isn't a factor in love, or I'd be out half my favourite fandoms.
Het pairings in a slash ficI don't mind it if starts out het as long as it is destined to end in slash. Otherwise keep the het off-screen.
PlotIs almost always necessary, except when it's not. :D
PWPsThis is when it's not. :D
WIPsI have so many on the go, both to read and to write, it's not funny. ::sigh::
LJ fics and communitiesA good spot for some hard to find stuff.
Mailing listsOnly for the rarest fandoms, like Fast & Furious or The Rundown.
Big Name FansAre a sign of a deteriorating fandom. Blegh.
Politics in a slash storyAs long as it advances the story and isn't just ranting...
Religion in a slash storyAs long as it advances the story and isn't just preaching...
Wake up GayHey, it could happen!
And finally....
Your pet peeve:The "everybody is gay" theme in slash, which never made any sense to me. Isn't that like swinging to the other end of the pendulum and denouncing heterosexuality? Because I don't like het fics that deny homosexuality exists either.
Your advice to new slashers:Forget about the politics or the mechanics. If the couple belongs together, whether they are male or female is irrelevant. Go with your heart and keep it real.
Your slash wish list:I'd like to write more, but for that I'd have to have the time. Which I don't. Shucks. :(
The best slash archive:852 Prospect Ave -- for the best The Sentinel slash on the net!
The worst slash arcive:FF.Net, which is just bad nine times out of ten anyway. (Although, occassionaly, a gem can be found. Yay!)

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