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Help Moon Cheat!

My library -- where I work, for those of you who don't know -- is holding a contest this December for a mystery prize. The first one to submit the completed list of riddles wins. It's a test not of your intelligence, but of your mental flexibility and creativity.

Therefore, I don't feel the least bit guilty asking my Flist for help. (I call it "using all my resources". *eg*)

Can you figure out the answers to these puzzles? I've already gotten some, but I need help with the rest. They work like this...

Example #1: 26 L of the A = 26 Letters of the Alphabet
Example #2: 7 W of the W = Seven Wonders of the World
Example #3: 54 C in a D (with the J's) = 54 Cards in a Deck (with the Joker's)

1.) 1001 A N =
2.) 12 S of the Z =
3.) 9 P in the S S =
4.) 88 P K =
5.) 13 S on the A F =
6.) 32 D F at which W F =
7.) 90 D in a R A =
8.) 200 D for P G in M =
9.) 3 B M (S H T R) =
10.) 4 Q in a G =
11.) 1 W on a U = *
12.) 12 P on a F T =
13.) 1000 W that a P is W =
14.) 64 S on a C B =
15.) 3 C in a F =

* Just so you know, I think the answer to #11 is "One Wheel on a Unicycle" but I could be barking up the completely wrong tree. Any ideas?
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