Moonbeam's Predilections (moonbeamsfanfic) wrote,
Moonbeam's Predilections

Poetry Fic Challenge!

I've signed up for Mosca's Free Verse Challenge". Any fandom, any genre... you sign-up, she sends you a few lines of obscure poetry, you write a fic of 750 words or more.

This is my verse:

"You think about swallowing but
love the way he dances on
your tongue. You want to be
the song he's lost in-- so

You start to sing--"

:D Hmmm, now I wonder what I can do with that? Hehe...

Okay, so some possibilities are obvious. Sex, slash, and senses. Let's see, that means I could write a Sentinel slash fic. But maybe that's a bit too obvious? (And of course, Mosca has a known dislike for Senfen -- not that I particularly care -- but, there are other options.)

Given the context of the verse, I could take it from another angle and write anything vampire related. I've been wanting to write some Forever Knight fanfic for a while, this might be the time. A little UFfishness anyone? Or if not FK, there's always the usual Angel schtick. I am somewhat partial to Angel/Spike, so I could make it work.

So, semen or blood. Fellatio or biting, that pretty much covers the angles of the first line. But the singing bit? That'll take a bit more creativity. FK would work for this part, since even in canon the whole thing is sensual on multiple levels -- including musical. Sentinel might also be possible, but it would lose a sense of realism if I tried to follow through literally. Maybe allegorically? That might work better. Angel... haven't a clue.

But maybe it need not be so obvious a fandom application? It's poetry, it's not supposed to only have one meaning. There are layers of purpose in any verse. The contextual connotations aren't the only way to go. What about the subtextual connotations? What could I do with those?

Now I just have to figure out what some of those connotations are.

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