Moonbeam's Predilections (moonbeamsfanfic) wrote,
Moonbeam's Predilections

CSI Marathon = Moon having nightmares

So, Spike TV is playing an all-day-long/all-week-long Marathon of the Best of the Best CSI episodes. Not my favourite show by any means, but interesting enough to watch every now and then. Except when it involves, say...

1. A truly EVIL eight year old girl who cold-bloodedly murders an 80-year old woman (by stabbing her with a freakin' pen) so she can steal her cat -- then tearfully blames her mother for the crime!

Followed immediately by...

2. A merciless lawyer who whacks a guy with his car, drives home and parks in his garage with the guy's body hanging through his windshield, then calmly goes to work and reports his car stolen. The catch? The guy wasn't dead. It took him 24 hours to bleed to death, the first twelve of which the poor guy was conscious! He actually managed to dial 911 on the lawyer's car-phone, but couldn't tell the operator where he was and she couldn't track the cell. So, skewered and pinned by the broken windshield, awake and aware and in pain, he tries and fails to get help.


GAH!!! I think I'm traumatized! :0

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