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Secret Lair -- Authors' Bios

If anyone at the Secret Lair would like to write a short (no more than 100 words) biography of themselves, I'll included it on the yet-to-be-finished Featured Authors page. Write a little about yourself as an author, what fandom(s) you write in, genres, pairings, etc... whatever you'd like visitors of the Lair to know. It's up to you. I will be sure to add links to your websites and LJs, don't worry.

I'm still debating about whether or not to post thumbnail-sized pics -- basically, icons! -- of the author's choice in their bios. But if this option interests you, feel free to email your choice of pic to me at:

This is entirely voluntary, of course. If you'd rather not write a bio, I'll just post the links to sites/LJs and that'll be it. But if you would like a bio, you can either email it to me privately at the above addy, or just add it into the comments of this entry.

Please Note: This offer extends even to those authors (or readers!) who have not yet been featured in a Lair-fic. You may yet still find yourself a denizen in the future! ;P So get your bio in now if you'd like to be!

Thanks, guys!
Moon -- Proprietess of Moon's Secret Lair

(And I promise, the next installment of The "Life at the Lair" series will be up tomorrow! :D)

EDIT: For consistency's sake, write your bios in THIRD PERSON - that means no "I"s or "me"s! Thanks!
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