May 3rd, 2017

Wolf -- m.f.p.

Fic Recs: Bad Titles Hiding The Best Fics

Sometimes, picking a title can be the hardest part of writing a fanfiction story. I know I'm pretty terrible at it! Having a good title is important. It's the first thing a reader sees so has to be the first thing to grab their attention and draw them in to your fic. It should be meaningful in some way, have some relevance to your story. A title can be serious, ridiculous, descriptive, ironic, lyrical... anything, really. The possibilities are endless.

Maybe that's why these authors didn't even bother to try. Some of these 'titles' barely even deserve the noun. Which is a shame, because the fanfics under these terrible titles are some of the best works that most people may never read because of their vastly misleading titles.

Bad Titles Hiding The Best Fics

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