October 1st, 2011

Stealthy Pac-Man is Stealthy

Tag me baby, one more time!

If you made the switch to Pinboard or are planning to, look me up! Heck, look everybody up! And don't forget to add your name(s) to the Great Delicious Migration spreadsheet so others can find you too!

Also, VERY IMPORTANT, remember to ticky-box the setting so you can see who is subscribed to you -- and they can subscribe back!

I'm busy renaming all my tags so I can have some form of organization again (oh, my bundles! ::wails::), which I'm doing by hand. There apparently is a Python Script that is supposed to make it easier and faster, but honestly I couldn't even understand the installation instructions for the script, so probably shouldn't try my luck running it. Anyway, hand editing all my bookmarks one by one is proving useful. Not only can I add new tags to my older bookmarks from before I established a homogeneous system, I'm finding and re-locating a few dozen dead links so my story recs can keep being read. But I've got 24 pages of bookmarks and only a page and bit done... I'll be at this for awhile.

In the meantime, Delicious finally gave me back the ability to view all my tags. Now if only they'd return my beloved bundles, network, and subscriptions my world would be complete. :)