May 17th, 2011

Canadian Borg

Go Canada!

Wow. People in Alberta and across Canada are donating so much to the relief aide in Northern Alberta that many places are actually asking folks to STOP sending food, clothing, and money for a few days.


Speaking of... my parents decided to head back up north to add their own efforts, so I'll be getting some direct updates of the situation in a few hours, probably.
Heroes - Matt and Molly

Operation: Recovery

The parental units have arrived safely home and report all is calm -- busy, but calm. Not even any smoke in the air, so the wind is blowing favourably for them. Although they have gotten another influx of refugees as some other small towns & hamlets in the fire's ongoing path are now being evacuated their way.

Mum's church hall is operating as a donation centre, so she'll be crazy-nuts busy organizing everything for the next few days. Word is they won't let anyone in Slave Lake to assess their losses until at least the weekend. Early estimates say over 900 homes are destroyed, as well as dozens of businesses. At this point, the fires in town are still burning but are contained and somewhat under control.

Since the relief aide is overwhelming in some places, there's a great well-organized blog at Rebuild Slave Lake that's keeping track of who needs what where. And I've asked at my Library if there's anything we can do for our unfortunate sister institution who went up in flames within the first few hours.

It's kinda funny, actually. There's not even a notice on the system catalogue yet that hey, those books you want which say they're available in Slave Lake? Yeah, sorry, not so much!
Eye Colour

A haunting sight...

The Global News Helicopter flew over Slave Lake today and got some very stark, very clear footage of the damage the town took. That pile of rubble at 4:50? That's the Town Hall. Yet the Canada and Alberta flags out front are still flying strong.

The video is completely soundless. I think it adds something indefinable to the images. Silence has a powerful voice.