March 2nd, 2011

Brain Go Boom Now

Wha-huh?! My brain, it hurts!

Why did I not know that last week's episode of Supernatural was actually hijacked and written by a cracked-out fanfiction author? Seriously?! Dean and Sam are actors Jensen and Jared in an AU reality who play Dean and Sam on TV? That can't possibly be a real episode! It's a FANFIC plot! I know it is, because I'm pretty damn sure I've read that story already!

Wow. Just wow. I know the show has a history of fanservice, but wow. That's, it's like... RPF is now officially canon. WTF?

::is totally weirded out::

I couldn't even bring myself to watch the ep because just the five minutes of it I did see was enough to completely freak me out. Gimme back my Fourth Wall! I can't handle the meta!


I'm actually kinda glad I stopped watching in Season Five now, because this? Would have killed me if I were still an active fan. Dead, I tell you! DED!