March 12th, 2010


Jack-fic the Third: Stargate SG-1/Transformers 2007 movieverse crossover

Yay, it's another installment of the Jack-fic crossovers! Ostensibly written for the 10_inspirations challenge, although it's taking me way too long to get through. Seven more to go! ;P

Title: Waltz Tango Foxtrot
Author: Moonbeam's Predilections
Genre: Stargate SG-1/Transformers 2007 movieverse
Rating: G
Word count: 1950
Prompt: Quote #16 - “I know, a little melodramatic, but you know what they say, one scary sound is worth a thousand threats.” -Rhys in Laurell K. Hamilton's Caress of Twilight

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