January 9th, 2010

*squeeee!* - Dolphin Noises!

No more whips! Er... WIPs.

Happy New Year!

(So I'm a little late -- the sentiment is still valid. :P)

Anyway, I've resolved to make this year better than the last year or five. Okay, admittedly, there are a few small snags to the start of my new year. But they're little things really... in the grand scheme of life.

Which brings me to the writing front. Writing, which I am actually going to do again. Yay!

To start, I think I've finally pretty much got most of my fics loaded up on my account at the Archive Of Our Own that I plan to add. It's made me look back at what all I've done in 7 years of writing (over a 12 year span): 43 fics, 19 fandoms, a little over 170,000 words total. Yeah, it's not much compared to most, but it's all I've got. In doing so, though, I've decided that I don't want to have any unfinished fics lingering over my head like a Damocles Sword. I want everything in one place, and to start this decade off right!

So what I'll be focusing on this year is completing all those taunting WIPs I've got dangling around. Including, but not limited to, my seaQuest/Free Willy crossover, the next KR:Fire&Ice AU/M7:ATF AU crossover fic(s), the remaining eight Jack-fic crossovers from 10_inspirations, and the Stargate: SG-1/Highlander crossover where Methos is Jack's dad. Oh, and continuing the Rumble/Starscream ping-pong porn !verse with katsuko!

Of course, this won't stop me from writing the occasional new fic as the muse calls. ::coughs:: damned kink meme! ::coughs::

What can I say? I went so many years without a muse at all, I just can't bring myself to ignore her now. ;P