October 20th, 2009

Wolf -- m.f.p.


So, evidently my entire flist is slowly being taking over by Criminal Minds fans. I've never even seen a single moment of the show, but I have read a few crossovers fics with it.

Is it really all that? Am I missing greatness without ever knowing about it? Because I hate to say it, but with a possible exception of Castle, my TV viewing schedule has been sadly lacking in greatness for a while. This may be a show worth investing in.

Poll #1473966 Criminal Minds

Is it worth watching?

Hell yes, fool! (What took you so long?!)
Nah, save your time for basket weaving lessons.

Also, guess what? I'm actually writing a new fic! ::waits for it::

Dude, I know! Three years of abso-lutely NOTHING and suddenly there's new fic on the horizon? Wacky! It's like some weird parallel universe -- time travel, back in time to the days when Moonbeam was actually an active fanfiction author.

Or, you know, an inactive author as the case often was.

But hey, three years later I've finally managed to create again! YAY!

Of course, it won't do any of you much good. I doubt any of you would be interested in reading 10,000 words of kinky '80s cartoon robot porn, huh? Yeah, didn't think so. ::coughs:: Yes, the first thing I write in ages is Transformers-G1 smut. But it's for a good cause! I got inspired by a request on the TF Anonymous Kink Meme and the next thing I knew...

Anyway, it'll be done hopefully in the next day or two, and then I'll post it here just for completeness sake. Don't worry, none of you are expected to read it! :P

See ya on the flipside,