December 9th, 2008

Star Trek  - The Trouble with Tribbles

Christmas-y Quiz!

Okay, so the library gets really quiet around the holidays and to stave off boredom the bosses have given us this quiz to figure out. There's chocolate (of the lovely Bernard Callebaut variety, yum!) in the offering as a prize to the first person who can complete it correctly.

Hence, I decided to cheat. ;P

Instructions: Below is a list of traditional and modern Christmas songs -- with a twist. Their titles have been rewritten. Your job is to decipher which song each one is based on the clue provided. Some songs may appear twice.

Ex: "Decorate The Entry-Ways" = "Deck The Halls"

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Quickie - Angel/Spike from Buffy & Angel

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Whoo! Just hit 69 icons! Only 126 more to go!

I figure this Angel/Spike quickie icon is perfectly appropriate for the 69th slot, y/n? ;P