October 11th, 2008

Puppy Dog Eyes - Mulder from The X-Files

The X-Files - My First Fandom!

After finally seeing the new X-Files movie (stupid, boring plot but good Mulder/Scully character and relationship development, so I'll grudgingly call it a win) I've been sucked back into the XF fandom like I haven't been since the early years. Oh, don't get me wrong, I've never really left the fandom... I've always gone back and reread my favourite stories, as well as a few exceptional and highly recommended new ones, not too mention all the crossovers that pop up in my other fandoms. But it's been well over a decade since I've immersed my self so deeply into the X-Files groove.

You know what? It's surprising how little things have actually changed! Some of the authors I read back in the 90s are even still around. Oh, many of them seem to have done the same as me and moved on to other fandoms for a few years in between, but there are so many familiar names writing right now that it almost feels like I never left. (And a few of them -- Vickie Mosely, for one -- seem never to have left at all!)

I'm just feeling the biggest nostalgia for this old classic show right now. It was the fandom that got me started, the first show I ever read or wrote fanfic for. Heck, it was the very reason I got out on the internet in the first place! My family got our first internet connection in the mid-1990s, but except for a few chatroom sessions (including one especially nasty argument over which country was better, Canada vs USA) which were mostly driven by my sister at that, I wasn't really interested in the computer until I discovered there were other X-Philes out there, and OMG, they were writing stories about my favourite show!

Within weeks, I'd become entrenched in my first fandom, and even started sending feedback to authors of the stories I'd especially liked. Luckily for me, one of the authors I met in those early months would become one of the best and most influential (Hi, redwolf!) friends of my life. Someone who would not only get me started in the realm of fandom, but who would stick by me ever since -- something not even anyone in real life (family notwithstanding) has ever managed.

Now, I'm feeling such a sense of nostalgia I'm back to feeling like the giddy, foolish little girl I was when I first discovered the world of fanfiction at my fingertips. I've been rewatching my old favourite episodes, and seeing a few from the later Doggett-years for the first time. And I've been steadily working my way backwards (by date) through the Gossamer archives for fic. There's so much I've missed! So much that's brand new to me (even if it's years old now) that I feel like I could do this for weeks and not tire of it.

God, could I have really forgotten how much I loved this show? Those characters? How I would never miss sitting in front of a TV every Friday night (at 9pm!) no matter what other events were planned? God, I even remember the big hullabaloo there was over the show's damn timeslot. Friday nights used to be one of the worst nights for television there was, being a big "date night" when most people went out instead of staying home. But the X-Files blew the competition out of the water, attracting record audiences and starting the trend of TGIF ratings-winners. Man, it really was a landmark show, wasn't it?

But now I get to relive that excitement and investment all over again. Rediscover what it is that made me fall in love with Mulder and Scully and Skinner and all their adventures. Recapture the passion and joy that sucked me in so inescapably that I'm still going strong even over a decade later.

And I gotta say, I'm having a lot of FUN doing it! :D

I drew this logo onto a black binder back in highschool and I still have it today!

P.S. Special thank you to Red Wolf, for taking me by the proverbial hand and welcoming me into the world of fandom way back in 1996. I owe so much to you because of your kindness and generosity with a young, impressionable teenager all those years ago. Especially since I, like the foolish newbie I was, forced you to put with my very own regrettable Mary-Sue. (Sorry about that, btw!) Thinking back, your patience and forbearance in dealing with my first tentative forays are what gave me the courage to continue, starting me down the path I've been happily loving for 12 years and counting. I can't thank you enough for what you first did, and have continued to do for me ever since. Thank you! ::slobbers you with kisses::

P.P.S. Handkerchief? :)