December 27th, 2007

Wolf -- m.f.p.

Merry Christmas!

Hope everybody had a good Christmas (or other holiday celebration of choice)! I had fun, spent time with my sister and her boyfriend's family. Ate more turkey than is probably healthy -- had, according to my sister, quite the "food baby" -- and probably put on a good ten pounds. Went sledding, ate pie, watched movies, and opened a shitload of presents. Yay!

I'm back at work right now, taking my supper break (turkey stew, natch) and came across a lovely little poem to share. It's the true story of how Christmas came to be. ;P


'Twas the Night 
by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith
from their "Science Verse" book

Twas the night before Any Thing, and all through deep space,
Nothing existed -- time, matter, or place.
No stockings, no chimneys. It was hotter than hot.
Everything was compressed in one very dense dot.

When out of the nothing there appeared with a clatter
A fat guy with reindeer and something the matter.
His nose was all runny. He gave a sick hack.
"Oh, Dasher! Oh, Dancer! I can't hold it back!"

He huffled and snuffed and sneezed one AH-CHOO!
Then like ten jillion volcanoes, the universe blew.
That dense dot exploded, spewing out stars,
Earth, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, and Mars.

Helium, hydrogen, the mountains and seas,
The chicken, the egg, the birds and the bees,
Yesterday's newspaper, tomorrow's burnt toast,
Protons and neutrons, your grandma's pork roast.

The universe expanded. The guy said with a wheeze,
"Who will ever believe the world started by sneeze?
So let's call it something much grander, all right?
Merry BIG BANG to all! And to all -- Gesundheit!"

Hee. :D