November 1st, 2007

Wolf -- m.f.p.

Help me, LJ-wan!


My 11-year old Hotmail account just switched itself over the "Windows Live Full" version. I tried to force it back into "Classic", but the version of Classic they offer is still completely different from the ancient version I've been happily using for over a decade now. Crap.

If anyone out there knows a way to reset my Hotmail account's appearance to the old, pre-Windows Live era style, I'd be unbelievably grateful. I've been steadily denying the so-called upgrades for years now because I hate the new look -- now it went and upgraded without asking and won't let me refuse! Dear god, it's horrible to look at... ::shudders:: I want my old boring Hotmail back! Whaaaaa!

Oh, please, can't someone help me? :{