May 30th, 2007

Wolf -- m.f.p.

Strikethrough '07

Well... I think we all pretty much know what's going on by now, so I'm not gonna get into it. I will say this though:

1. I will NOT be giving up my LJ account.
2. I already have a JournalFen account in the same name, but I pretty much never use it unless I'm commenting on someone else's stuff.
3. I don't yet have a Greatest Journal, but may very well get one anyway. It will most likely not be updated anymore than the JournalFen account, but will serve for maintaining contact with those Flist who make the Exodus.
4. My LJ account is paid yearly, so I won't be downgrading to a free one until next year when my renewal date approaches. (Depending on the situation come 2008, that is.)
5. Please consider joining fandom_counts with your fandom-related journals. It's just a body count, just so LJ knows how many of their customers are here for the very thing they're trying so very hard to alienate.

And that's it for my opinion on the latest kerfluffle. Good luck, my friends! Hope to see you all on the other side. :)


EDIT: My JournalFen and brand-spanking new GreatestJournal accounts, for the curious.

EDIT 2: FTW, the best thing to come out of this entire kerfluffle is china_shop's Making Up Is Hard To Do (LJ/Fandom anthropomorfic - NC17). Wordy McWord!