July 11th, 2006

The Plot Bunny Factory

Pimp! New fic challenge!

For those of us who aren't good enough at commitment to survive one of the "100 Prompts" table challenges going around, kayim and siluria have created a variation on the theme:


Pick a fandom, pick a character, pick a pairing... stake your claim, whatever it be, then all you've got to do is choose 10 prompts from the list to write fics for. 10! Not a hundred, just a small un-intimidating ten! Hey, that's easy enough even I can do it!

And so I will, even with my long-absent muse. :) I'm signed up to do Jack O'Neill, possibly entirely in crossovers because I had a hard time choosing which fandom to focus on and I'm just that greedy. ::snerk::

Look out, world! Moon's going to start writing again! Mwuahahah!