February 7th, 2006

Wolf -- m.f.p.

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so i'm gonna be left-handed for the next couple of days, as i now have some lovely new stitches sewing up a large gash across my right wrist. no, i did not try to commit suicide... i was just washing the dishes!

of course since me and housework have a long history of self-injury -- shattering two bones in my foot while vacuuming being the prime example -- it should be no surprise that a dropped glass cutting board gouged my arm with flying debris.

i am fine. my sister kindly took me to the hospital, i got through in about 2 hours, stitched up, bandaged up, tetanus-shotted up, and sent on my way. so i'm all hunky-dory now, i just can't use my right hand at the moment. granted, it's still frozen from the anaesthesia, i may get better mobility when it wears off.

also? typing with the wrong hand is bad enough, but using the shft key is just awkward -- hence the lack of proper capitalisations. sorry!