July 24th, 2005

Wolf -- m.f.p.

Gakked from dknightshade

I apparently have no ability to write without a muse whispering in my ear. Most of you know my own muse has been MIA for weeks now, but I've had a couple of false alarms with other people's muses. First that stolen one of elfinessy's, then the brief taunting visit by reoune's to mock me from the shadows, and yesterday redwolf's muse stopped by to help me write her mistress a birthday present. (Unfortunately, Wolf's muse is an evil tease who laughed and flitted away seconds before I could finish. So even that didn't work out.) Really, it's too frustrating to keep trying and failing, especially when I want to write and have the time to write, but just CAN'T. I think for the interrim it'll be safer and saner for all involved if I just stick to reading other people's fiction.

So about all I've got to post right now are memes -- and too many of these will irritate even me. Hmmm, I may have to start leaving daily recommendations instead. As long as I'm going to be doing so much reading, might as well spread the love, eh? ;)

Copy this quiz into a comment (or your journal) and fill it out with your answers, serious or not. Come on. There are a lot of you out there, and I want to meet you! And for those of you I already know, well, I want to know you better!

1. What would you change your name to if it wasn't such a hassle to get all your paperwork redone?
2. What's a fandom you love that doesn't have nearly enough people in it?
3. Share a dorky story about yourself.
4. Where's one place you really want to visit before you die?
5. Where would you live if money wasn't an issue?
6. How did you find this journal?
7. What's your favorite community on LJ?
8. What was your favorite childhood toy?
9. Name three shows you want to have on DVD right now. (Whether or not they're slated for release/have been released.)
10. Say something nice about:
-- Another LJ user (not me!)
-- Yourself
-- A famous figure
11. What's the biggest "OH MY GOD!" moment you've ever had from a movie, show, or book? (Warning: using "I am your father" might date you.)
12. What's something weird you enjoy that gets you odd looks from other people?
13. When did you first get online?
14. Name something you're really good at.
15. Name something you wish you were really good at.

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Wolf -- m.f.p.

Read me, I'm a SECRET LAIR fic rec!

I'd said I would be doing daily recommendations in lieu of writing until my muse returned to me, and there's no better place to start than with Shady's first Secret Lair fic!

dknightshade, in her selfless desire to help, has embarked on an epic quest to bring me my missing muse back. Her brilliance and savvy have brought her passed the first hurdle, but I doubt the rest of journey will be as easy... and I can't wait to find out! XD

Yay, Shady!! We're all rootin' for ya! ::leads the home cheering squad::