June 7th, 2005

Wolf -- m.f.p.

::blinks:: Where'd that little thumbs up sign come from?

Shit me, I have a paid account! How the hell did that happen?! ::blinks in shock::

Alright, which one of you lovely ladies (or laddies, if by chance it t'were a guy) do I have to make the sacrifice to? And what would you prefer in gratitude, because whatever you ask I shall endeavor to provide. You want worship and accolades? I grovel in adulation before you! You want fic? Name it, I'll write it! You want icons? I'll bribe someone else to make them! You want my first born? Well... you might have to fight my sister for it, since the only way I'm ever having kids is as a surrogate mommy for hers.

But anything else is yours -- ask and you shall receive!


Whoever you are, I love you! ::smacks a big kiss on you::


Oh, and the reason I bothered to update my LJ in the first place and thus discovered my wonderful new good fortune (THANK YOU!!!)...

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