December 1st, 2004

Wolf -- m.f.p.

Viral Recs Meme: Buffy and Angel Fandoms

Thank you to redwolf for reccing me! (And for reading all my stories, even the ones in fandoms she hates. :P)

nashmaveric's Viral Recs Meme: I'll rec three writers, pointing out two of their stories that I love. These three writers will copy/paste the list to their journal and add three more. Kinda like a pay-it-forward thing. Recs cannot be repeated so each new person must read the list and make sure they don't rec a writer that's on it. Making sense so far? By the end of this there should be like a million billion recs!
Be sure to check out the entire list that mpoetess put together of past recs first!

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