August 28th, 2004

Wolf -- m.f.p.

Pimp! Recc'ing Birthday Presents of the Fic Variety!

pheral wrote me a delicious The Sentinel birthday ficlet featuring Jim's spirit guide, the Black Panther! ::Moon disintergrates into a puddle of drooling goo::

Go read Feral Dreams by Pheral and don't forget to pet the pretty kitty! :D


stormr_d has just written me an angsty, teary, heart-wrenching Knight Rider post-"The Scent of Roses" ficlet that she posted at the_kittchen. Go, read, bring tissues! ::sniff::


And now I'm all weepy, so somebody needs to write me something funny! Because yes, I'm a greedy bastard and can never have enough prezzies. *eg* More fic, I say, bring me MORE FIC!