July 19th, 2004

Wolf -- m.f.p.

Official Poem of the Secret Lair!

It's not a slogan, but I'm hereby nominating gumnut's brilliant rhyme as the:

Official Poem of the Secret Lair!


Moonbeam’s Secret Lair
By Gumnut
19 Jul 2004

Have you ever wondered?
Or have you ever cared?
About what happens late at night
When the Moon has disappeared?

Do you know where she goes to?
Do you know where she sleeps?
Hidden away from the starry night
And where the darkness creeps?

She has a place to run to
She has a place to flee
Far amongst the distant mountains
And far, far from the sea.

Amidst an ancient forest
Atop a winding stair
A hidden place, a magic place
Is Moonbeam’s Secret Lair.


Now you may be wondering
Or maybe have a care
To find out what is going on
And what she’s doing there.

For many things do happen
And many strange and odd
People who visit Moonbeam
Run riot, run roughshod

‘Cause sane is what they can’t be
And sane is what they aren’t
Hanging out in the Secret Lair
With characters to taunt

With fic from many fandoms
And challenges to spare
They have a great time, a fun time
In Moonbeam’s Secret Lair.


And now you have to wonder
And now you have to care
To join the fun you’ll need to find
A way of getting there

To know the secret passwords
To know the secret path
To locate the mystic Moonbeam
Is not an easy task.

Through hidden trails and passes
Past hidden traps and snares
Be careful of the cave next door
She keeps a cougar there

Of all these many dangers
Of all you must beware
For all the fun, it’s worth the trip
To Moonbeam’s Secret Lair


So stop wondering and join us
So be wild, be carefree
And hang out with some gorgeous guys,
An author, two or three

Watch out for the guy with claws
Watch out for the evil twins
That Jack and Mac, and Michael too
Their cocky smart ass grins

Tomy gets to play with horses
Shady gets the whip
Nutty’s running ‘round in circles
Vespurrs hangs with Kitt

So thank the darling Moonbeam,
Her tender loving care,
‘Cause life’s a party, life is fun
In Moonbeam’s Secret Lair!


Who's with me?! Yea or nay? Cast your votes now! :D
Wolf -- m.f.p.

The "Life at the Lair" Series -- Story #5

I think I'm going to need to take tomorrow (and possibly longer) off from writing Lair-fic, so this one's a bit longer than normal to make it up to you. ;)

It also has a few ulterior motives, as it somewhat answers the "Allure" challenge at the_kittchen, and meets the suggestions of four fellow Lair denizens: tomywca, pheral, stormdracona, and blazingskies.

Collapse )
Wolf -- m.f.p.

Moon's Secret Lair -- Pictures!

redwolf has kindly made some graphics for us at the Lair!

A banner:

(For which she cleverly suggests the Lair's slogan be: "You can tell it's a secret, it says so over the entrance." :P)

And an icon!

Aren't they great?! Now everybody be nice and go say Thank You to Red Wolf! Because she has to put up with me and my brain-dead idiocy while designing these lovely graphics for the Lair. Hee! :D