November 26th, 2003

Wolf -- m.f.p.

The Entomology of Fandom

You've heard of a fandom butterfly, haven't you? Someone who flutters in and out of fandoms, only ever lightly touching don on any one? Kind of like a window shopper perusing the merchandise?

But what about the rest of us? What are we? Are we fandom dragonflies who rush into a fandom with the roar of a 747, land anywhere they want and stick their nose into everything? Or are you a bumble bee, hopping from fandom to fandom but always returning to your favorite? Are you a pesky aphid or mosquito, making a nuisance of yourself and threatening the sanctity of your fandom?

Maybe you're a fandom wasp? A pack animal, part of a gang, who preys upon the weaker members of your fandom? Or worse, a fandom hornet, who attacks anything that crosses your path?

What about the fandom ladybugs, calmly going about their business and clearing away a few damaging aphids while they're at it? Or a fandom caterpillar? Young and new, all unknowing of the blight you pose as you enthusiastically gorge yourself -- until finally the day comes when you'll grow up and join the moths and butterflies?

So what are you, do you think? Friend or foe, an important member or a passing visitor?

Me? Well, I'm a fandom cricket. Just one of thousands, trying to make my voice heard, migrating from fandom to fandom depending on the richness of its productivity.