September 29th, 2003

The Plot Bunny Factory

Plot bunnies bouncing...

I rented the movie "Masterminds" from the video store for the presence of Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard of ST:TNG) as the Bag Guy, but found myself mightily intrigued by the teenaged protagonist, Oswald Paxton. Ozzie, played by Vincent Kartheiser, is an irreverant genius punk who uses his creativity and brilliance to save his little sister from the Bad Guys With Guns (BGWG).

The plot of the movie is fairly standard. BGWG, led by Patrick Stewart's character Rafe Bentley, take over a school filled with the richest kids in America, holding the kids for 650 million dollars in ransom money. But Ozzie, who as punishment for getting caught hacking into a not-yet-released videogame's database has to drop his step-sister off at class, is trapped within the school during the take-over. Smart boy that he is, he heads for the safezones of airducts, basements, and catwalks to recon the situation. While the BGWG are making their demands to the cops out front, young Ozzie is setting traps, overheating the boiler, triggering the indoor sprinkler system, pouring nitric acid on floors, even rigging the pool to explode. Generally causing a great deal of mayhem, driving the BGWG nuts, and managing to pick a few of them off while doing it. All while cracking wise, smart-ass one-liners and other bitchy peanut-gallery commentary.

Now does that sound familiar to any one? Cuz it sure as hell did to me. :)

Hit me with the crossover bunny, baby!

Ozzie Paxton, Lucas Wolenczak. Two gorgeous little smart-mouthed punk-ass boy geniuses. Set it pre-seaQuest, give 'em some corrupt UEO officials as Enemies, and turn 'em loose with just themselves and their own talents for help. Nothing to rely on but their own brains and each other, up against a big bad world that wants them dead -- or worse.

I could even see making this one slash. Not something I thought I would ever do in seaQuest fandom, since I'm not generally into chanslash, but for these boys I'd make the exception. And if it is set pre-series, then this little adventure could even conceivably serve as the reason behind Lucas's posting to the seaQuest in the first place.

Hey... it works with canon! Cool!
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