September 16th, 2003

Wolf -- m.f.p.

New fic! Knight Rider fandom!

Over a month ago, Knightshade and I exchanged challenges to write fics that were not in our field of expertise. For Knightshade, that meant writing comfort-fic, because most of her pieces are depressing exercises in unrepentant angst. They're very good pieces of angst, but depressing nonetheless.

For me, it's just the opposite. I suck at angst. So that's what she bade me do. But just because we don't like doing things the easy way, we both had to throw out extra elements as well. I commanded Knightshade to include a a bubble bath in her h/c, she demanded a hug from me -- and she specified it must fall entirely within canon guidelines!

Well, pooh.

Anyway, Shady finished hers a few days ago and it can be read here. It's called "Soap-Sud Tears".

Mine, called "Minutes", is below:

Collapse )

It'll also be posted to Fanfiction.Net and my website.
Wolf -- m.f.p.

Keeping up with the Jetsons...

Well, now. This looks like the day for updating, in all things. Updated my website, caught up with my emails, and now I'm onto the lj. And look! A surprise! Who, might I ask, is patientalien? How does she know me? And why did she Friend me?

I haven't a clue. I've never heard of her, though I now at least know her name (thanks to some judicious snooping!). I can even throw out a few possibilities for why she might have Friended me. But I haven't a clue how she found me! I'm far too new at not only the whole lj thing, but to the entire seaQuest fandom as well. Surely, I can't be tracked as of yet?

Oh, well. Nice to have you, Diena! Welcome to the Asylum! 8D

You know, Knightshade offered me a corner of her padded cell. I'm thinking I might take her up on it. She can paint her half battleship grey, and I'll paint mine in enchanted blue. It'll be real homey!