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For Red Wolf

A little THANK YOU to redwolf for helping me with my computer issues. It's all better now! I'm so happy! :D


Slow and steady, that's it. Just a little more...

He moved with exaggerated slowness as he worked, every motion planned and controlled. The slightest mistep might prove irreparably disastrous. He had to be careful. He would only have one shot at this; he had to get it right.

Easy, now. Alright, that's one. Now the other...

His muscles straining with the effort to hold himself still, he reached carefully with his left hand. He had only his left arm to work with. His right was busy keeping a firm but gentle grasp on the source of his full attention, while his legs fought to hold him in position. He bit his lip in concentration, narrowing his eyes for focus. He had to time his movements with precision. Twice now he'd already come dangerously close to failure. He couldn’t afford to make a mistake.

Almost got it...

A twitch of his fingers brought the final desired results. Mission successfully accomplished, Spike cradled his freed prize close to his chest and dropped the ten feet down to the ground. His grin was triumphant; his eyes alight with the pleasure of a job well done. He'd done it! He was damned proud of himself.

Oh, yeah... I’m goooood.

He was still mentally patting himself on the back when he turned around to find himself face-to-face with a highly amused Dawn.

"Spike," she asked, laughter audible in her tone, "did you just rescue a kitten from a tree?"

Spike froze. "Uh..."

The incriminating tiny white ball of fluff curled protectively into the nook of his arm had the audacity to mew in response. Spike glared at it AND at Dawn as he set the kitten (carefully) on the ground.

Looking between the trusting wide-eyed gaze of the innocent animal and the crinkly-eyed gaze a not-so-innocent giggling teenager, Spike barely repressed the urge to growl. At this point, it would do him no good anyway. Neither one of his tormenters would believe it after what they'd just seen.

He settled for a wordless snarl.

Dawn laughed outright. She bent down to pick up the kitten. "Come on, Spike," she smiled kindly, wrapping her free hand around his elbow to tug him along. "Why don't we take our new friend here to Willow and Tara's. I bet Miss Kitty would love a new playmate."

Automatically falling in step with the girl, Spike stayed silent. His bad-boy reputation had taken a healthy beating tonight. Any protests on his part would only encourage Dawn more. With luck, she wouldn't tell the witches where the kitten came from.

With luck, and the promise of retribution most foul, he thought to himself with anticipation.

Spike smiled. The night was looking better already.


Thanks a million, Wolf! You really are the best! ::hugs::
Tags: buffy, fanfic, gen, gift

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