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As per your request, my dear... deleted, edited, and reposted:

Okay. Just for you, here's the (now) 670 words of supposed-to-be-funny-but-isn't fic. It's not finished, and I'm not sure it will be. But I do have an idea for how to rewrite it into something I hope we'll both like. :P


Kitt cringed in his CPU as the Trans Am narrowly missed a head-on collision with a red Toyota Tercel. The terrified expression on the face of the young female driver of the little vehicle would be seared onto his RAM forever. But he didn't have time to dwell on it now because--


The car swerved sharply to the right just in time. Kitt sighed in relief. Only to freak anew as the car kept crossing the full width of the two-lane highway and over into the shoulder.

"LEFT!" Kitt screamed again, and the car straightened back onto the road. "Hold it steady, Michael!" he ordered, praying there wouldn't be any turns in the road for a while.

With the Trans Am finally -- if unsteadily -- balanced between the two white lines, Kitt allowed himself the barest moment to relax. His poor circuits were so stressed they were almost fried, and what passed for his mental health wasn't doing so well either.

"How we doing, pal?" Michael asked, voice tight. Kitt forgot about his own problems temporarily to wince upon hearing the thread of pain lacing his driver's tone.

He took another look out at the road, all scanners running hot and active. They were barrelling down Interstate 5 at (approximately) 65-70 mph, keeping up with the heavy flow of traffic and just managing to stay in their lane. They were also weaving like a drunk on a three-day bender. If they came across a Highway Patrol car, they'd be pulled over in seconds.

Assuming Michael could find the side of the road, that is.

Kitt silently cursed Brad and Dana Mason to the fiery pits of the deepest hell. The smart but evil husband-and-wife team had hatched a clever but nefarious plot to high-jack the entire nation's digital communications network. Fortunately, their plan was foiled by a well-timed but accidental explosion. Unfortunately, it also blew up in the FLAG team's proverbial faces. Leaving Kitt and Michael stuck in their current unenviable position.

Because between Michael's blindness and Kitt's malfunctioning auto-drive, they were in world of trouble.

Add in the fact they were running down a major thoroughfare, complete with innocent commuters, with the very angry Masons following doggedly on their tail, hoping to finish the job of finishing them off?

They were screwed.


Michael's fingers were clenched knuckle-white on the steering yoke. He was fighting so hard to keep the car in line, with only the feel of its motion and Kitt's voice to guide him. Luckily, he was an excellent driver. He may not have been able to see the road, but he sensed it through the tires. He was actually managing to maintain an almost even speed all on his own, entirely by intuition. Kitt was impressed all over again.

"Kitt, you there?" Michael's heart started pounding even faster in panic as the AI took too long to answer. He kept his voice level only through force of will.

"Yes, Michael, I'm here." Kitt assured him. "And you're doing very well. But things are going to get trickier soon."

"How so?"

Kitt hesitated. "We're coming up on Salem's city limits."

"Salem?" Michael laughed humourlessly. "Oh, that's just too fitting. Okay. What are we looking at here?"

"We have two choices, near as I can tell. Either we stay on this course and deal with the increased traffic and populations heading into Portland..."

"Or we take our chances and get off the I-5." Michael nodded, understanding the dilemma right away.

At least while on the relatively flat and straight Interstate, Michael wasn't too tasked with his driving skills. But the busier traffic and upcoming cities would definitely make things tougher. On the other hand, if they took an exchange and left the I-5 behind, they'd really be driving blind. It wasn't just Kitt's ability to take control of the Trans Am that had been damaged in the explosion, his ability to establish outside data links had blown too. He couldn't plot them a safe course because he couldn't access any road maps.


I can change it altogether, if you'd rather. Just let me know what's most comfortable for you. :)
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